Wednesday Morning Chapel

Pepperdine Wednesday Convocation in fieldhouse


Welcome. Welcome to the table; welcome to community.

This semester's Wednesday Chapel invites our community revolves around the theme of "Breathe" for community-wide worship and study. Each Wednesday Chapel speaker offers a unique and timely message that gives students the opportunity to rest in community as we sing, pray, and hear gospel-centered messages together.

Some of this year's speakers include international humanitarian and educator Chiraphone Khamphouvong, spoken word artist Alexander James, UAB football player Timothy Alexander, evangelist Matt Brown, pastors Christine Suh, Eugene Cho, Brenda Salter McNeil, and many, many others! (Click here for a full list of speakers and convocation events.)

The inspiration for the theme of "Breathe" emerges from last year's theme of "Invitation". Now that we have been invited into this space together, we seek to discover the significance of regular rhythms of worship and spiritual practices. These rhythms, like breath itself, forge a foundation for Christian spiritual formation which allows us significant and unique growth in the academic journey.

George Pepperdine said in his 1937 Dedicatory Address, he said, "There are many good colleges and universities which can give you standard academic training, but if our school does not give you more than that, it really has no reason to exist. We want to present to you, in teaching and example, the Christian way of life. We do not compel you to accept it. You are free to make your own choice, but we want you to know what it is."

Adopting this vision anew, we invite you to journey with us, as we explore what it means to be Christ-like as individuals and as a community.

Click here to view the most recent chapel recordings.