Celebration Chapel

celebration chapel

What is Celebration Chapel?

Celebration Chapel is a student-led worship service that includes an instrumental worship band and a devotion by a student speaker. This chapel offers the unique opportunity for students to be empowered to fully participate in the spiritual growth of their peers. Celebration Chapel meets at the Amphitheatre (south end of Adamson Plaza) on Fridays at 9:00am & 10:00am.**

Need More Information?

 If you have any specific questions about Celebration Chapel, please contact Lauren Leatherberry, Assistant Director in the Office of the Chaplain, by email: lauren.leatherberry@pepperdine.edu, or by phone: (310) 506-4545. Lauren can also be reached in her office: TCC 106A.


**Please note: Students are only able to receive credit for attending one celebration chapel per week.