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Spring 2004

"Run Walk for Hope:  Faculty and Staff Fight Cancer" 24 Mar 2004 HIGH LOW
"A Journey through the Streets of Belfast" 17 Mar 2004 HIGH LOW
Tour of Light: Children's Uganda Choir 10 Mar 2004 HIGH LOW
"Understanding Privilege Today" 25 Feb 2004 HIGH LOW
"Back to Square One: Life, Love, and the Pursuit of What You'll Let Define You" 11 Feb 2004 HIGH LOW
"SGA Convocation" 4 Feb 2004 HIGH LOW
"Tim Spivey: Understanding Vocation" 28 Jan 2004 HIGH LOW
"Will the Circle Be Unbroken:  Lessons from Civil Rights for Today" 21 Jan 2004 HIGH LOW
"D'Esta Love Devotional" 7 Jan 2004 HIGH LOW

Fall 2003

"Peace Education in the Face of a Diverse World" 8 Dec 2003 HIGH LOW
"The Power of Uniqueness" 12 Nov 2003 HIGH LOW
"International Students Day" 5 Nov 2003 HIGH LOW
"Diversity, Leadership, and Christianity" 29 Oct 2003 HIGH LOW
"How to Go The Distance" 22 Oct 2003 HIGH LOW
"What Makes A Good Film" 15 Oct 2003 HIGH LOW
"How to Know When You Are In Love" 8 Oct 2003 HIGH LOW
"Founder's Day" 24 Sept 2003 HIGH LOW
"Step Forward Day" 17 Sept 2003 HIGH LOW
"From Tragedy to Triumph" 10 Sept 2003 HIGH LOW
"Belief Systems (BS) in the Media" 3 Sept 2003



Fall/Spring 2002-2003

"Facing the Monster Within" 9 Sept 2002 HIGH LOW
"What is the Church of Christ?" 10 Sept 2002 HIGH LOW
"The Value of a Liberal Arts Education" 17 Sept 2002 HIGH LOW
"The Idea of a Christian University" 24 Sept 2002 HIGH LOW
"Seeking Justice: Ending Crimes Against Humanity" 23 Oct 2002 HIGH LOW
"Children of the Night" 6 Nov 2002 HIGH LOW
"Hearing God's Call" - Buster Soaries 13 Nov 2002 HIGH LOW
"Looks by the Book" - Nancy Stafford 20 Nov 2002 HIGH LOW
"Do I Look Stupid?"
Self-Image, Faith, Education - Scott Wood
15 Jan 2003 HIGH LOW
"What' s Black, Brown & America's Future? African American & Hispanic Relations"
- Juan Williams
22 Jan 2003 HIGH LOW
"Following The Golden Rules" - Dain Blanton 29 Jan 2003 HIGH LOW
"International Students Convocation" 12 Feb 2003 HIGH LOW
"Pornography and Body Image" - Lakita Garth 2 Apr 2003 HIGH LOW

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