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Fall 2007

Christmas Chapel 28 Nov 2007 LINK
International Chapel 14 Nov 2007 LINK
SGA Chapel 7 Nov 2007 LINK
Chapel with Rev. Richard Allen Farmer 31 Oct 2007 LINK
Jeff Walling - Service during the Malibu Fires 24 Oct 2007 LINK
"The Idea of a Christian University" � Dr. Andrew K. Benton 23 Oct 2007 LINK
Chapel with Craig Gross 17 Oct 2007 LINK
Chapel with Brenda Salter-McNeil 10 Oct 2007 LINK
"What is the Church of Christ" � Dr. Ken Durham 9 Oct 2007 LINK
Chapel with Nick Vujicic 3 Oct 2007 LINK
Step Forward Day Reflection 26 Sept 2007 LINK
"Listening to God's Voice" � Linda Truschke 24 Sept 2007 LINK
"The Value of a Liberal Arts Education" � Dr. David Baird 20 Sept 2007 LINK
Founders Day 19 Sept 2007 LINK
Great Moments in Pepperdine's History" � Christopher Collins 18 Sept 2007 LINK
Chapel with Rhonda Lowry 12 Sept 2007 LINK
Chapel with Kirk Franklin 5 Sept 2007 LINK
Chapel with President Andrew K. Benton 29 Aug 2007 LINK

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