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Barcelona FAQs

Program-Related Questions

  Q: Why is the Barcelona program being created?

The combined impact of pandemic disruptions over the last two years and a larger-than-average freshman class have made the academic year 2022-2023 study abroad programs particularly competitive.  International Programs are a highlight of the Pepperdine experience, and, in an effort to provide a study abroad opportunity to as many students as possible, the University has created a one-time (operational in fall 2022 and spring 2023 only) program for Seaver College students.

  Q: Why did the University choose Barcelona?

Barcelona is an ideal location for the program. It is a vibrant and modern city with a diverse population. The city offers the academic and cultural resources that support a high-quality study abroad experience. It is home to multiple UNESCO World Heritage sites and enjoys a lively sports culture. The city also benefits from world-renowned art and architecture. As Pepperdine does not own a campus in Barcelona, we have selected a local partnership to help us create an experience comparable to our other study abroad locations. CAPA: The Global Education Network provides top-tier study abroad experiences for thousands of students annually. Together with CAPA in Barcelona, Pepperdine is confident students will enjoy a uniquely Pepperdine experience in Spain. Additionally, Barcelona meets the University’s health and safety standards for study abroad programming, and it is also well connected in Europe, offering students easy access to international travel.

  Q: It seems late in the year to offer a new opportunity.  Why wasn’t the program offered earlier?

Creating study abroad programs is a lengthy and complex process. To ensure that students would receive the best experience possible, the University took the time to explore all of the program options available. Additionally, the pandemic made international travel difficult during the fall and winter. As a result, visits to potential sites were delayed.

  Q: What kind of housing is provided?

Students will reside in a residence hall located in the heart of the city.  A short walk from shopping, cafes, public transportation, and classrooms, the facility includes a dining hall specializing in organic cuisine. There are also indoor and outdoor gathering spaces, a theater, and a fitness area, as well as spaces for studying and small group activities. The facility also has a conveniently located laundry room.  

  Q: Are Educational Field Trips (EFTs) included in the program?

Yes! Barcelona program participants will also participate in EFTs.  The locations of the EFTs are being selected and will be shared with students as soon as possible.

  Q: Will there be group meals?

Yes, group meals will be held several times per week. 

  Q: Will the Barcelona program be offered again in the future?

The Barcelona program is only being offered during the academic year 2022-2023.



  Q: Who can apply?

Program Eligibility Summary

If attending… If applying to the following Barcelona term: Are you potentially eligible for consideration to Barcelona?
Any Summer 2022 Academic Year or Fall No
Any Summer 2022 ( attending only summer no fall programs) Spring 2023  Yes
AY or Fall 2022 Buenos Aires, Lausanne, Florence, Heidelberg, London, DC Spring 2023 No
Spring 2023 Buenos Aires, Florence, Lausanne Fall 2022 No
Spring 2023 Heidelberg, DC, London  Fall 2022 Yes
  Q: How can I apply?

Students can apply on Wavenet. You can find the application link on the right-hand side. Please click “International Programs” under “Popular Links.”

  Q: Why do I have to have a valid passport in order to apply for academic year or fall only?

The student visa process starts immediately, and it is not possible for a student to obtain or renew a passport in time in order to fulfill upcoming visa and preparation deadlines. Students without a valid passport can only apply for the Barcelona spring 2023 program. Please keep in mind that admitted students for Barcelona spring 2023 must have a valid passport by September 1, 2022. 

Applying to Barcelona Term Passport must be valid until When is my passport due?
Fall 2022 July 1, 2023 Immediately: required in order to apply
Academic Year 2022-23  November 1, 2023 Immediately: required in order to apply
Spring 2023 November 1, 2023 September 1, 2022
  Q: Is the application deadline the same if I want to apply for the Spring-only term? 

The application deadline (April 18) is the final deadline for fall-only and academic year students due to visa processing timelines. If you are interested in spring-only, April 18 is the priority deadline, however, we may consider applications beyond that deadline based on program capacity and other variables. 

  Q: Can I be considered if I am in the process of applying for a passport?

Only students applying to Barcelona spring 2023 can be considered. Students applying for Barcelona spring 2023 will need to have a valid passport in their possession by September 1st, 2022. Students who do not have a valid passport must make their passport appointment as soon as possible (students are required to select expedited processing).

  Q: Are the odds of acceptance greater for current waitlisted students or students that have not been abroad with IP prior to fall 2022?

The Admissions Committee will give consideration to those who have not participated in a study abroad program. All aspects of a student’s application will be reviewed as part of the selection process.

  Q: Can I withdraw from my upcoming program to apply to Barcelona?

Students who choose to withdraw from their Summer 2022, Academic Year 2022-2023, Fall 2022, or Spring 2023 program will be assessed the relevant withdrawal fee for their program and are required to submit an application to the Barcelona program. Students will be considered with the rest of the applicant pool. This is a risk as acceptance to the Barcelona program is not a guarantee. 

  Q: I am on the waitlist for another program. Can I be considered for both Barcelona and my current waitlisted program? 

In order to apply to the Barcelona program, students must “student drop” their application in Wavenet to apply to Barcelona. Students cannot be on two waitlists during the same academic year. Students may request to be placed on their original waitlisted program and term if not selected for the Barcelona program or if they decide not to sign their Barcelona program contract.

  Q: How does the Admission Committee evaluate applications that use a different program as the focus of the application?

Given the expedited application timeline for Barcelona, students are permitted to use previous applications from the academic year 22-23 admission cycle. The Admissions Committee will review each applicant holistically (based on their responses, video, GPA, and campus citizenship) and evaluate whether the applicant is a fit for the Barcelona program. If a student wishes to alter their application responses or submit a new application, please email international.programs@pepperdine.edu.



  Q: Do I need a visa for the Barcelona program?

Yes. Whether students plan to attend the program for the academic year or one semester, all US passport holders will need a visa. The IP office & our Barcelona-based provider (CAPA) will guide them through the process.

  Q: I am a non-US passport holder. Am I eligible to attend the Barcelona program?
  • Other non-US passport holders will most likely be required to obtain a visa. Please contact the Office of International Student Services prior to applying to determine your eligibility. 
  • Please note that additional costs for visa processing may apply for non-US passport holders. Our office will be in touch with you following your application.



  Q: Which courses will be offered in the Barcelona program?

A full course list will be provided here.

For questions about potential German classes in Barcelona, please contact the International Programs office at international.programs@pepperdine.edu.

  Q: Who can I speak to about academic advising?

Please reach out to your academic advisor, OneStop, or the following IP Academics staff:

IP Associate Dean, Dr. Fiona Stewart

IP Manager of Academics & Internships, Danica Harootian


COVID-19 Policies and Expectations 

  Q: What are International Programs’ COVID-19 policies and what should I expect at this program location?

Please refer to our global policies page for International Programs’ global policies for expectations regarding a number of program elements including: quarantine/isolation, vaccines/boosters, personal travel, visitation, residential requirements, etc. Barcelona COVID-19 policies are not yet finalized though we expect policies will closely mirror our European campus program location policies and are subject to local governmental regulations.

  Q: What is the COVID-19 vaccine and booster policy?

All students must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 to participate in any international program. Fully vaccinated means that participants have finished receiving the full primary COVID-19 vaccine dosage of an approved COVID-19 vaccine and have also received a booster (if eligible). The following vaccines and boosters are viewed as valid by the Spanish Government as of publication: Pfizer/BioNTech, Johnson & Johnson, Novavax, Moderna, or AstraZeneca. Only students that receive the aforementioned vaccines are program eligible. Refer to the COVID-19 vaccine section of our global policies page for further information.