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The Australia Film Program

Film studies majors and media production majors will have an opportunity to produce an advanced film project in a cross-cultural, international setting. Students will work in collaborative teams of 8 to 10 in Sydney, Australia.

This intensive program is designed for film studies and media production majors and others interested in these fields. The application process includes the submission of a short film script for potential production in Australia. Key production roles (director, producer, cinematographer, production designer, editor) will be determined in the fall and students will be expected to engage in pre-production planning during Spring semester prior to departure.

Program Dates

June 30th, 2018 - July 30th, 2018

The dates listed above are departure dates from LAX and from the program location back to LAX.


Room & Board: $2,168.00

U.S. Passport Holders: 20 Australian Dollars for tourist visa

Course Offerings

Students are required to enroll in the following course for 4 units:

FILM 470 Narrative Filmmaking: Theory and Practice (4) / Prerequisite: FILM 325

  • An examination of the critical and theoretical aspects of narrative storytelling. This course will be a focused exploration of modes of narrative screen reality and filmmaking conventions. Students will be guided from conception, pre-visualization, storyboarding, production and postproduction to a completed narrative short film project.

Students have the option of also taking this course for 2 units:

FILM 311 Film and Culture (2) *Fulfills Fine Arts GE

  • An examination of cinema as language, as art, and as an institution shaped by and shaping the socio-cultural and ideological constructs/concerns of national culture.

Location and Travel

Students will spend three weeks in Sydney, studying Australian film history and producing a short film project. Students will be staying at the Meriton Service Apartments in the Waterloo district of Sydney. It is close to shops, restaurants, public transportation, the city campus of Hillsong Church, and our classrooms at the International Screen Academy. The final week will include a tour of some of Australia's most dramatic natural settings along the Gold Coast and the Great Barrier Reef.

The Visiting Faculty

Dr. Michael Smith

Associate Professor of Media Production, Communication Division, Seaver College

Professor John Sitter

Visiting Assistant Professor, Communication Division, Seaver College




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