Glazer Institute Human Rights Internship

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This program is currently closed to new applicants


*Non–US citizens interested in the Buenos Aires Program must speak with the International Programs Office before submitting an application to discuss the visa process.

The Glazer Institute Human Rights Internship

Students will intern with human rights organizations in Buenos Aires, Argentina, discovering the unique struggles and history of the Jewish population in Argentina and South America.

Program Dates

May 7 - June 2, 2017

The dates listed above are departure dates from LAX and from the program location back to LAX.


Program Specific Costs: Emergencias Health - $30.00 USD*

*Charged to your student account

Course Requirements:

8 - 9 units required. Students must take HIST 405 and SAAJ 324. Students must also take SPAN 121 if they have not completed SPAN 151 or higher.

Course Offerings:

HIST 405 - History of International Human Rights (4 units)

Fulfills SAAJ 123

  • In this course taught by Professor Ed Larson, students will focus on a series of historical case studies and discuss key issues and debates surrounding the evolution of human rights.

SAAJ 324 - Social Action and Justice Colloquium IV (4 units)

Prerequisites: SAAJ 123 (Waived for this summer for students who have not taken SAAJ 121, 122, and 123.)

  • A supervised service-learning experience in an organization with a social justice mission in Buenos Aires. Students apply the knowledge and skills acquired in SAAJ I, II, and III. Students will develop a regular schedule of hours; read assigned texts; keep a learning journal; meet bi-weekly in an internship seminar; compile a portfolio; and make a public presentation based on what they have learned. Course must be taken for a letter grade.

SPAN 121 - Spanish Language and Culture (1 unit)

  • Teaches basic practical conversation and limited reading and writing skills. This course does not prepare a student to take SPAN 152. Taught only in international programs


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