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Buenos Aires Upper Division Spanish

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*Non–US Passport Holders interested in the Buenos Aires Program must speak with the International Programs Office before submitting an application to discuss the visa process.

The Buenos Aires Upper Division Spanish Summer Program

This Upper Division program is perfect for students looking to further their knowledge of the Spanish language. With the unique opportunity to live with carefully chosen homestay families, students experience the most organic form of cultural immersion. The student will be able to embrace the culture, customs and language of the Argentine people within the comfort of a family unit. In their classes, students are expected to read, learn, and speak solely in the Spanish language.

Program Dates

May 6th, 2018 - June 29th, 2018

The dates listed above are departure dates from LAX and from the program location back to LAX.


Additional costs may include $40 for Emergency Medical Assistance

Course Offerings (these courses do not yet reflect the summer of 2018)

SPAN 451 - Literature of Spanish America II (4 Units)

  • A survey of Spanish-American literature from 1880 to present. (Prerequisites: Two courses from the SPAN 300, SPAN 341, and SPAN 345 sequence.)

SPAN 380 - History and Culture of Latin America (4 Units)

Prerequisite: SPAN 252 or equivalent competency

  • Latin American history and culture from the indigenous civilizations to the present. Students attend lectures, participate in discussions, and do field work in the environs of the country in which they are studying. Taught only in Latin America

SPAN 492 - Business Spanish (4 Units)

Prerequisite: Two courses from the SPAN 300, SPAN 341, and SPAN 345 sequence or consent of the division

The Visiting Faculty

Professor Cristina Roggero

Visiting Instructor of Hispanic Studies, International Studies and Languages Division, Seaver College






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