Florence Studio Arts (SACI) Program


Florence SACI

Complete your fine arts requirement or obtain valuable experience for your art major while taking courses at the Studio Arts College International (SACI). Students can complete their Fine Arts GE or take advanced art classes. SACI courses include: Batik, Ceramics, Conservation, Design Traineeship, Design Workshop, Drawing, Fresco Painting, Jewelry Design, Painting, Photography, Printmaking Workshop, Sculpture, Serigraphy.

Program Dates

May 5th, 2019 - June 28th, 2019

The dates listed above are departure dates from LAX and from the program location back to LAX.


Tuition: $1,685.00 per unit (standard Malibu summer tuition rate)

Room & Board: $4,496.00

Program Specific Costs: Emergency Health Insurance - $54.00*

*Charged to your student account

Course Requirements:

7 unit minimum requirement. Students must take BOTH SACI program courses AND ART 292.

Course Offerings

IPFA 101 International Programs Fine Arts: SACI (3)

GE: Fine Arts

IPFA 301 International Programs Fine Arts: SACI (3)

GE: Fine Arts

ART 292 Special Topics: SACI Orientation (1)


Faculty in Residence

Professor Gretchen Batcheller

Assistant Professor of Studio Arts, Fine Arts Division, Seaver College












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