General Information for Summer Programs

The content below provides information that is applicable to all Summer 2017 programs. For more detailed information on specific programs offered in the Summer, click the "Programs" link on the navigation menu and look for the summer academic and internship opportunities.

Summer and Special Interest Programs


Seaver College offers summer GE and major programs in the same residential program locations that are offered during the Academic Year, including Heidelberg, Germany; London, United Kingdom; Florence, Italy; Buenos Aires, Argentina; Lausanne, Switzerland; and Shanghai, China. Students can also participate in internship programs in Buenos Aires, Lausanne, London, Shanghai, and Washington D.C. These countries offer students a unique opportunity to gain both an academic and a personal understanding of other cultures, institutions, and languages. The programs are a serious adventure in study and scholarship. (Please note: All Lausanne Programs are closed this summer due to renovations). 

Each summer, the special interest programs vary. In the summer of 2017, the special interest programs include:

  • East Africa
  • Kenya: Made in the Streets
  • Madrid: Upper-Division Spanish
  • Middle-Eastern studies program in Amman, Jordan
  • Thailand

Living Arrangements

Students live together and take classes in Pepperdine-owned facilities in Florence, Heidelberg, Lausanne, London, Shanghai, and Washington D.C. In Buenos Aires, students take classes in Pepperdine-owned facilities, but get the unique experience of living in carefully chosen local homestays.  In our special interest programs, students reside in various locations. For specific information on where students will stay, view the program pages.



Classes are taught by visiting University faculty members from the Malibu campus, by Pepperdine University faculty members who reside in the host country, and by a group of well-qualified and distinguished local professors who have been specially selected to teach in the program. The curriculum has been designed so that students may complete a substantial portion of their general education requirements while enrolled. 


A sufficient number and variety of courses are offered at each location to allow the student to complete their general education courses or in some programs, upper division courses. Classes in the residential locations normally meet 4 days a week in our European programs and 5 days a week in Buenos Aires and Shanghai. The class schedule and dates of each program vary.

Course Registration and Textbooks

Students will register for their Summer 2017 courses online in November during Spring/Summer 2017 registration. Please check your Pepperdine email for your exact registration time. If a student is accepted after registration in November, students are expected to register for courses within 5 days of signing their contract. There is an additional fee associated with most PE courses offered overseas.

Students should purchase their textbooks before they go overseas, and they are expected to have their books on the first day of class. To view the textbooks required for your specific courses and program, please check the specific program page here on the community page.

General Requirements and Prerequisites

All students must enroll in the minimum number of units for their specific summer program. Students must also enroll in the appropriate course requirements for their summer program. This varies for each program, so please refer to the program pages for specific details.

Students must meet all prerequisite requirements for each course they intend on taking overseas. Waivers cannot be issued for students to take courses without meeting prerequisite requirements. Please check the Seaver Academic Catalog for course prerequisites.

Language Requirements for Summer GE and Major Programs

If a student has not completed Level 151 of the program's language, they must enroll in the 1 unit Language and Culture (121) course. If a student has already taken the 151 course or higher of the program's language, they are not allowed to take the 121 course and must enroll in the appropriate level of that language. The 121 course is intended to orient students who are not familiar with the spoken language to basics of communication and culture of the program's location.

Note: All courses offered depend upon the availability of qualified faculty and other program activities depend upon qualified personnel. The University contracts with scheduled air carriers and local operators and travel dates may be changed in the case of armed conflict, terrorist activity, natural disasters, strikes, or other unforeseen circumstances. The University reserves the right to modify the Program when needed. The International Programs Office will always have the latest information concerning these programs


Please Visit our Costs page for more information.

Financial Assistance

Financial aid, scholarships, and grants do apply, with the exception of performance scholarships which require performance in Malibu. Please contact the Office of Financial Assistance or your financial aid adviser for specific information pertaining to their your award. For information on scholarships specific to international study please click here.


Application Criteria

In order to apply for an Academic Year International Program, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Current Pepperdine student
  • Completed 30 units or 2 semesters by program start date
  • 2.50 Pepperdine Cumulative GPA
  • Must not be on academic or disciplinary probation


The priority deadline for the 2017-2018 Academic Year and Summer 2017 is Monday, September 26th, 2016 at Noon. After this deadline, we will continue to accept students on a space-available basis only. Students can apply through WaveNet in "Student Services." Students must maintain at least a 2.0 GPA after they are accepted to remain eligible to participate in IP.