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London Summer Program

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The London General Education Program

Study literature and history in the city where some of the world's greatest literary works were written, and where history comes alive.

Program Dates

May 6th, 2018 - June 30th, 2018

The dates listed above are departure dates from LAX and from the program location back to LAX.


Course Requirements:

8 units required. Students must take either HIST 204 or INST 492 in May and either ENG 380 or AC 224 in June.

Course Offerings (These courses are not yet updated to reflect the summer of 2018)

HIST 204 - History of the American Peoples (4 units)

American Experience GE

  • This course provides a historical overview of the American peoples from pre-colonial times to the present, exploring the variety of the American experience in the context of political, social, and intellectual developments. Satisfies in part the general education requirement in the American experience.

INST/POSC 492 - Religion, Conflict and Peace: The Case of Northern Ireland in Comparative Perspective (4 units)

Counts as an International Studies or Political Science upper division elective

  • This course introduces students to the history and politics of the Northern Ireland conflict and peace process through a blend of academic learning and practical experience involving a study trip to Northern Ireland. The course also sheds light on other seemingly intractable conflicts that are such a feature of our world in the 21st century.

ENG 380 - Topics in Literature (4 units)

Fulfills Literature GE; Prerequisite: ENG 101

  • Examines a given topic in literary studies. The course may be focused on a theme, a movement, a historical period, or a genre. May be repeated once when topics vary.

AC 224 - Financial Accounting (4 units)

  • Introduction to the theory and practice in the preparation and interpretation of general purpose financial statements with emphasis on external reporting responsibilities of the corporate form of business.




The Visiting Faculty

Dr. Jennifer Smith

Assistant Professor of English, Humanities/Teacher Education Division, Seaver College


Jeff Pippin

Senior Vice President and Chief Investment Officer, Senior Vice President for Investments




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