Thailand Summer Program

This program is currently closed to new applications.

Program Dates

July 2 - July 28, 2017


Course Requirements:

4 units required. Students must take HUM 295. Students must also take either REL 301 or NPM 330. Students cannot take both REL 301 and NPM 330.

Please Note: Preference will be given to students enrolling in the NPM course.

Course Offerings:

HUM 295 - Enriching the International Experience (1 unit)

  • This course is designed to enrich the student's international experience by providing opportunities to engage more fully with the culture and to reflect more deeply on the experience. It is the goal of this course to help students know how to look at and listen to their new culture and how to give meaning to their international experience (Taught only in International Programs. May be repeated in a different location. Cr/NC grading only).

REL 301 - Christianity and Culture (3 units)

Christianity and Culture GE; Prerequisite: REL 101

  • A study of ways in which Christianity shapes such aspects of culture as art, literature, music, medicine, law, secularization, ecology, racial and ethnic issues, and education, and ways in which these, in turn, influence Christian life and faith.

NPM 330 - Introduction to Community-Based Research in the Nonprofit Sector (3 units)

  • This seminar is an introduction to community-based research (CBR) in the nonprofit sector. CBR is collaborative, change-oriented research that engages faculty members, students and community members in projects that address a community-identified need. The research is designed to assist nonprofit organizations in a variety of areas including: improving their programs, promoting their interests, identifying or attracting new resources, understanding or assessing needs of their target populations, explicating issues and challenges, creating awareness of the need for action, or designing strategies for change. The students will present their research findings both in written report and oral presentation to the nonprofit community at a professional development or academic conference appropriate for the research topic.

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This program combines academic study with community-based research in a challenging, non-Western cultural setting. The focus will be on creating sustainable partnerships with organizations addressing the needs of Thailand.

The Program Staff


Justin Schneider

Assistant Director, Volunteer Center, Student Affairs

Justin Schneider has more than 10 years' experience working with nonprofits and NGOs. Currently, he is the Assistant Director in the Pepperdine Volunteer Center and adjunct professor working with the Nonprofit Leadership Collaborative. Justin graduated Pepperdine with a bachelor's degree in intercultural communication and a master's in education and has a juris doctorate from Baylor University School of Law.

Justin practiced law with low-income clients in Dallas, Texas before accepting a Legal Fellowship with International Justice Mission's Thailand Field Office. In Thailand, Justin worked closely with the Thai staff to support the Legal Status Documentation Program and Child Sexual Abuse Project, both working closely with underrepresented people groups of Northern Thailand. In addition to working with highly regarded nonprofits, Justin has received training in asset-based community development, nonprofit management, and global service-learning. Justin is looking forward to returning to Thailand with students who are eager to work alongside international NGOs serving the people of Thailand.

Location and Travel

Students will spend 4 weeks in Chiang Mai, Thailand, partnering with NGOs serving the people of Thailand. The program will challenge students' idea of service abroad and incorporate elements of community-based research, fair-trade learning, and cross-cultural communication.

Proposed Field Trips

Events will include nearby cultural experiences and an overnight visit to Chiang Rai.





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