Charlie Engelmann

Program Director


William Wu

Associate Director


Gigi Zhang

Program Coordinator


Mona Chen

Academic Assistant

Faculty in Residence 2020-2021

Linda Truschke

Campus Minister, University Church of Christ

Office Location: BPC 193

Office Hours: Monday and Thursday 12:00pm - 2:00pm, Tuesday and Friday 10:00am - 12:00pm, or by appointment

Linda Truschke is an Adjunct Professor of Communication at Seaver College and has been a full time Campus Minister at Pepperdine for over twenty years. She is a two time graduate of Seaver College, earning her undergraduate degree in Communication and completed her graduate studies in Religion. Linda has two sons that are current Pepperdine students. Linda has a heart for students inside and outside the classroom - she cannot wait to walk alongside the students in Shanghai and create special memories that will last a lifetime!


Program Contact 2021-2022

Mr. Charlie Engelmann

Director of Shanghai Program, International Programs, Seaver College

Office Hours: by appointment

Charlie Engelmann has been the director of Pepperdine's Shanghai program since 2013. He also teaches Macroeconomics (Econ 211), The International Experience (HUM 295) and the summer internship class. Mr. Engelmann has lived in China for a total of 15 years. Earlier in his career, he was the Chief Editor of BizShanghai Magazine and hosted numerous TV shows for Shanghai Media Group (Shanghai TV). Mr. Engelmann earned a Masters of International Economics from Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies, after which he worked at ExxonMobil as a Corporate Spokesman and Media Adviser.

When he was an undergraduate student at Pepperdine, Mr. Engelmann studied for a year in Heidelberg, Germany, where his passion for cross-cultural living was born. Now his passion is to grow in the same way - by engaging in the excitement and discomfort of new cultures, students are transformed intellectually, personally, socially and spiritually.

Mr. Engelmann lives in Shanghai with his wife, Judith, and three children, Ethan, Evangeline and EJ.


Updated: 8.03.2020