Charlie Engelmann

Program Director


William Wu

Associate Director


Gigi Zhang

Program Coordinator


Mona Chen

Academic Assistant

Visiting Faculty 2018-2019

Fall 2018


Dr. Stella Erbes

Associate Professor of Teacher Education, Humanities/Teacher Education Division, Seaver College

Dr. Stella Erbes is an Associate Professor of Teacher Education and has been working at Pepperdine University since 2002. After spending the first decade of her career teaching in the K-12 sector, Dr. Erbes began a career in teacher education so that she could support beginning teachers by sharing practical knowledge gained from her wide array of teaching experiences and research. She teaches a first-year seminar entitled "Discovering the Secret to Inspirational Teaching," Instructional Design, Educational Technology, and Advanced Student Teaching Methods. Dr. Erbes is an alumna of Seaver College and participated in the Summer London and Madrid programs during her undergraduate experience. As a faculty member, Dr. Erbes led a team of Pepperdine students on a medical mission to Honduras in 2007. Her passions include enjoying exceptional food, exploring the world through travel, learning how to apply technology effectively in both personal and professional contexts, and expanding her music playlists. If you want to uncover the culinary and historical hot spots of China while adding some sick, new beats to your Spotify account, then join Dr. Erbes in the fall of 2018 in Shanghai!

Spring 2019


Dr. Tanya Hart

Associate Professor of History, Humanities/Teacher Education Division, Seaver College