Undergraduate Student Life Purpose

Seaver Undergraduate Survey on Faith and Vocation, 2011-2014

Our work on assessing life purpose among undergraduate students spans over 13 years. Our major effort revolves around the dissemination of an annual survey to a subject pool of 3000 students, with an annual yield of roughly 45% of these students. We continue to gather and analyze data from this process, with approximately 1400 respondents in the spring of 2014. This instrument measures a number of developmental areas: personal vocational calling, community and institutional involvement, faith maturity and spirituality, ego-identity, career, social well being, life purpose development, self-impressions and experiences, mentoring support, wellness, barriers to discerning and living out life purpose, college behaviors and activities, emotions and feelings, and college perceptions. The goal of these surveys is to collect and track student's conceptions and assessments of life purpose in regards to these areas each year. The slideshow to the right summarizes the data and findings from the years 2011-2014.