National Student Employment Week

The Student Employment Department is committed to increasing awareness of student employment and its significant role in the total education experience. Currently, more than 1500 student employees make important contributions to the successful operation of the university, serving as teaching assistants, office and lab workers, and in many other important positions throughout the Pepperdine Community.

Student workers should be commended for their commitment to their studies and ability to maintain a proper balance between academic achievement and professional development. Please join in honoring your student workers during National Student Employment Week, April 12-18th. During that week, it is suggested that supervisors express appreciation for their student employees for the fine service that they provide.

Some suggestions for you to honor your students may be to:

� Take your student workers to lunch

� Serve snacks and goodies all week, to be homemade by your regular department staff members

� Send student workers personal thank you letters from your Department Head, Chair or Dean

� Take pictures of your students at work and post in your area

� Display a banner of recognition

� Nominate an "Outstanding Student Employee" from your department

� Purchase a fun Candy Gram, to be delivered to your student workers during the week of April 12-18th

Many of you already honor your student workers in special and unique ways. If you have any creative ideas or particular things you do in your area, please let us know!

The Student Employment Office will sponsor additional activities to recognize Student Employees. Special prizes will be given away throughout the week, and popcorn will be served in our office. Please encourage your student employees to visit and register to win.

If you'd like to purchase a Candy Gram for only $1.00, please complete the order form or contact the Student Employment Office at: . Candy grams will be delivered to your student employee at work, during the week of April 12-18.

Thank you in advance for your continued support.