How to Post a New Job in Handshake


            For all brand-new student employment positions, please make sure to submit a copy of the job description form to Molly Gonzales of the Student Employment Office. The job description form will be put on file in the Student Employment Office for federal documentation purposes. Please follow the directions below when you are ready to post your position for students to view.


1. Sign in to Handshake at


2. On the left-hand navigation toolbar, select Jobs.

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3. On the right-hand side of your screen, select �New Job.�


Description: Macintosh HD:Users:Molly:Desktop:New Job.tiff 















4. On the first tab titled, �Basics,� please fill in all of the required information.


**Title – When writing a title for your job, please use the following formatting:

           Department Name followed by the Position Title

           For Example: Human Resources Student Intern


**Job Type: Please select �On Campus Student Employment�


**Employment Type: Please select �Part-time�


**Expiration Date: We suggest to post your position for at least 5 days. Many departments choose to post the position for up to two months or until the position has been filled.


Basics Tab

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5. On the second tab titled, �Details,� please fill in the following fields ONLY unless otherwise necessary.


**Salary Type – Please select �Paid.�


**Pay Rate – Please specify the pay rate per hour.  Ex. $10.00/hr.


**Application Medium - Determine whether students should apply through Handshake, an external website, or with physical paperwork. You may also choose to have applicants apply both through Handshake and an external website

*Note: If you want students to send their applications to your email address, please take the time to write that information in the space provided.

Ex. Please send your resume and cover letter to


**Location – Please specify the campus and general location the position will take place at.   Ex. Malibu Campus – Seaver


**Contact – Please search for your name and select whether or not you want your name to be made visible to students who view the job posting.


Details Tab

Description: Macintosh HD:Users:Molly:Desktop:Details.tiff




















6. On the third tab titled, �Description,� please fill in the following fields to most accurately describe the position and responsibilities.


Description Tab

Description: Macintosh HD:Users:Molly:Desktop:Description.tiff















7. On the fourth tab titled, �Schools,� please select �Pepperdine University,� as your targeted school.


Schools Tab

Description: Macintosh HD:Users:Molly:Desktop:Schools.tiff 










8. On the fifth tab titled, �Requirements,� please fill in the following fields ONLY unless otherwise needed.


**Work Study Job – Please check this box if you are trying to hire students with work study funds.


**Required Documents – Please select which of the following documents students will need to provide when applying for the position.

*Document Notes – If students are not applying for the position through Handshake, but instead are being requested to supply their documents by email, please use this space to share again where students will be sending their documents.


**School Years – If you only want specific levels of students to apply for your posting, please make sure to check the boxes of the class levels that you are interested in having apply.


**Work Authorization – please check this box.

Description: Macintosh HD:Users:Molly:Desktop:Requirements.tiff 














9.  Click the green �Create� button at the bottom right-hand corner.


10. You will then see the final job posting that will be made available for student view. If you need to go back and make changes, please use the Edit button at the top of the page.



Once the Student Employment Office receives notification that a posting has been made, we will log into the system, review the posting, and then make it available to students if there are no missing pieces of information. If you have any questions or concerns about the process, please email Molly Gonzales at or call at 310-506-6322. Thanks so much!


The Student Employment Office