Future Initiatives


Sky Glow Analysis

Much in the same way that Pepperdine University was one of the leaders in reclaimed water management when the campus was built in the 1970's, the University is now focusing efforts to enhance the dark sky on and around campus. In recognition of the understated environmental implications of sky glow and light pollution, Pepperdine has committed to replace all the existing exterior globe lights to full cut-off LED fixtures, while also voluntarily reducing the overall number of lights. Additionally, highly efficient LED lighting will be installed in the athletic field areas as part of the previously approved Campus Life Project. These changes are the result of a collaborate effort by many members of our university community and in partnership with nationally renowned dark sky compliant lighting experts.
The improved lighting technology will not only reduce energy usage, it will effectively reduce the amount of glare , sky glow and wasted light, while efficiently illuminating the appropriate area. Pepperdine's lighting conversion has already begun with the replacement of newly installed lights around theFirestone Field House and campus crosswalks. To remain consistent with the mindfulness of potential energy savings, the University is also taking on analysis of converting interior lighting to highly efficient LEDs. Looking beyond campus sustainability, Pepperdine University views this physical enhancement as a powerful learning opportunity for its students by preserving the unparalleled connection to the universe through admiration and study of the night sky.