Eden Project

The Center for Sustainability received the largest grant from the 2014 Waves of Innovation committee of $150,000 to carry out The Eden Project, the implementation of a green dorm. The Project, which was designed by a multidisciplinary stakeholder committee of faculty, staff, and student representatives, seeks to transition Crocker Hall into a sustainable or "green" residence hall with sustainable building retrofits and a comprehensive educational campaign wherein students learn by example and through peer-to-peer modeling. Students, in collaboration with faculty and staff, will have ownership and accountability over their learning outcomes. The initiative is designed to educate students about sustainable living, reduce consumption, save money, test sustainable building solutions, and increase the internal and external visibility of the University's sustainability program. Ultimately, the purpose of the Project is to begin to transition the role of sustainability at Pepperdine from merely something that we do into a part of who we are as an institution.

Click here if you would like to watch the presentation. It starts at 59 minutes.


Zip Car

In the Fall of 2014, Pepperdine introduced Zipcar to its Malibu campus .Zipcar is a car sharing system created to allow people to rent cars by the hour or by the day, providing an excellent opportunity for students who do not own a car. Currently, there are two available Zipcars available in Rho Parking lot. For more information and to register, visit the Pepperdine Zipcar page.


Sustainable Commute

Pepperdine's sustainable commute program incentivizes alternative, lower-impact methods of transportation to and from campus. Staff and Faculty can participate through carpool, vanpool, bus/shuttle, bicycle, or walking. Each month, participants fill out a tracking form where they indicate which days they participated in alternative commute. Those who participate in alternative commute 10 or more times a month will be entered into a monthly drawing for movie tickets. The sustainable commute program also includes bus subsidies. The subsidy is $40 a month, but members must travel by bus at least 10 times a month to receive the full amount. To get involved, contact Emily Mead or vanpool coordinator Angie Pederson.

Employees interested in finding a carpool can post to the online carpool board here.