Get Involved

There are multiple opportunities available at Pepperdine for people to get involved in sustainability on and off campus. Click on the link or use the contact info provided below each opportunity to get involved.

Organic Community Garden

Organic Community Garden

Plant edible produce with the Pepperdine community every fall and spring semester.  The beautiful enclosed garden offers 12 huge raised redwood beds - to plant and grow in to your heart's delight.  The garden is open to everyone.  We invite you to come with an open heart to discover more of what it means to care for and appreciate God's incredible, delightful, and delectable handiwork - from the sprouting of a seed into a butternut squash to building lifelong relationships with the whole garden team.  The garden has a unique location: on the north end of campus below the practice soccer inter-mural field, across from Mail Services and FM&P.
Contact: or message them on Facebook

Purchasing Recycled Office Paper

The Center for Sustainability recommends purchasing the Office Depot brand 30% recycled paper (Item 267324 on the Office Depot website) over the standard Xerox virgin paper. By switching to the 30% recycled paper, Pepperdine will save natural resources and money. The 30% recycled paper uses less trees, water, and energy to produce, and is less expensive than Xerox paper by $3.95 a case.  

Local & Organic Fresh Produce Boxes Available at Pepperdine

In order to provide our community additional healthy food options, Pepperdine University is proud to partner with Farm Fresh To You, which provides local organic produce from a farm in the Imperial Valley. Local food reduces the vehicle miles traveled and supports your local community, while organic ensures there are no chemicals polluting water systems or your body. Moreover, the produce is only seasonally available so you are eating the way nature intended with lots of variety in your diet. The produce is fresh, picked daily, and arrives at Pepperdine University every Wednesday. You can customize the selection of fruits and veggies as well as the frequency of your pick-up from weekly to monthly. Order directly through their website: and use promo code: 4866.

The Pepperdine Volunteer Center

The Volunteer Center offers a variety of ways to get involved in service during your time at Pepperdine. Opportunities include coastal and creek cleanup, community beautification, environmental programs, Santa Monica trail restoration, Step Forward Day, and much more. Every year, Step Forward Day has over 1,400 students, staff, and faculty provide 4,200 hours of community service to more than 45 different locations.

Grunion Run

Grunion are one of the only fish in the world that spawn on shore. Opportunities are available to participate in the research of grunion and the effects that beach grooming close to shore can have on reproduction rates.