Student Projects

Communicating Pepperdine's Sustainable Practices & Engaging Students

Seaver: Service Leadership Class, Spring 2012

Students: Michelle Barnum, Sam Ford, John Gibbons, Andrew Shearer

The Service Leadership team took on the Center for Sustainability as a client, and analyzed current knowledge, awareness, and engagement in sustainability at Pepperdine. Through their extensive research and community survey, they recommended that the Center for Sustainability create simple and effective communication, create memes and comical posters to connect with students, implement the use of social media outlets, and back-test communication methods to evaluate success.

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Lowering Energy Consumption Through Dorm Competitions

GSBM: Project Management Class, Spring 2012

Students: Paul Huang, Seamus Lovelace, Andrew Kercado, Alex Khamudis

The Project Management team developed a plan to host an energy competition within the campus dorms. The goal of the plan is to reduce energy consumption in the dorms by 10-20%, support the goal of reducing campus-wide energy use by 10%, and educate students on how to save energy in their daily lives. Once Pepperdine installs campus meters into the dorms, the Center for Sustainability will be ready to move forward with the dorm energy competition plan.

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