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Elluminate Live!® is a virtual environment for learning. At Pepperdine, Elluminate allows students and faculty to communicate and collaborate in this virtual environment. Faculty can record a course lecture given in Elluminate and upload the recording directly to Courses (powered by Sakai). Outside of class, students are able to facilitate their own group meetings using Elluminate. This technology ensures that all participants are in sync, regardless of computer platform or Internet connection speed, leading to a richer, more interactive learning experience. Vendor website.

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Turning Technologies develops audience response systems (also known as "clickers"), that help turn the classroom into an engaging learning environment. A few of Pepperdine's Law School faculty members are currently using clickers in their classrooms and say that the effect on their students has been positive. Student response technologies enable instructors to engage students and gather valuable data to increase the effectiveness of instruction. The company's interactive polling software applications combined with durable clickers or mobile applications provide the most advanced combination of knowledge and technology currently available in the field of student assessment. Vendor website.

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Google Workspace for Education at Pepperdine allows students, faculty, and staff to collaboratively work together anytime, anywhere. With more than 12 million users all over the world, Google Apps includes web-based tools for communication and collaboration such as Gmail, Calendar, Docs, Sites, Groups, and Talk. With integrated communication and real-time collaboration in Google Docs, the learning process can involve individual authorship or powerful, team-based collaboration with easy creation and sharing of content. Students and faculty can also take advantage of Google's fast-paced innovation through a wider array of other applications such as Forms, Moderator, Blogger, or Reader. Google Workspace at Pepperdine. Vendor website.

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Courses at Pepperdine University is based on the community source software called Sakai. Pepperdine's version of Sakai is hosted and supported by The Longsight Group. Courses enables instructors to organize digital content and deliver it to students, to communicate expectations and set assignments, and to assess students' performance. Courses also helps Pepperdine faculty to use active learning techniques and give prompt feedback while respecting diverse ways of learning. Using an intuitive interface, discussion forums, just-in-time videos, quizzing, and engagement through assignments, Courses promotes a socially constructivist approach to online learning. Courses at Pepperdine. Vendor website.

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Cisco's Unified Personal Communicator (CUPC) technology helps facilitate real-time interaction and remove barriers to communication. CUPC merges voice, video, and web conferencing, allowing users to communicate and collaborate with instant messaging, quick audio and video conferencing, and desktop sharing. Pepperdine faculty can use this technology to strengthen relationships with students in blended learning courses or connect with colleagues on other Pepperdine campuses. CUPC can also connect all mobile devices, iPad/tablet, iPhone/smart phone, desktop, and laptop, into one convenient system.

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Apple products such as the Mac, iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch continue to enable students and teachers to collaborate, create, and distribute digital content anytime, anywhere. Pepperdine's Information Technology administration and Technology and Learning group are currently working with Pepperdine faculty to assess the effectiveness of the iPad as a learning tool. Attend the Faculty Conference to learn how Apple products are helping 21st Century students prepare for the real world after graduation. Order Apple products via the campus Computer Store and receive an education discount.

Tech Central

Tech Central Tech Central is Pepperdine University's technical support center, including hands-on technology support for all students. Tech Central is located on the Malibu campus but can be reached via phone at 310-506-HELP (4357).

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