Sakai Conference 2012 Insights

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Over the past several years, Information Technology has invited faculty to attend the annual Sakai conference. IT is committed to partnering with faculty to improve student learning services here at Pepperdine. For the 2012 Jasig Sakai Conference, IT sponsored four faculty to join us and learn about the latest advances for our learning management system. Here are a few things they had to say about the experience:

Dr. Stella Erbes who co-presented with Hong Kha at the conference on "Sakai, Getting Started for Faculty" said she was proud to be able to contribute to the Sakai community by introducing Sakai to universities who are interested in adopting the platform and has never seen how it could be used.

Law professor Derek Muller said, "The conference gave me a number of ways to think about integrating technology in the classroom. Whether through video presentations or interactive projects with students occurring in real time, I was intrigued at the opportunities presented at the conference. I look forward to making the best use of the 2012 Sakai Conference in the classroom this year!"


Pepperdine also contributed to this years conference with four presentations:


Professor Hong Kha and Landon Phillips' presentation "Sakai Tools to Engage Students" illustrates how to create more active learners in the classroom by utilizing tools in Sakai. 

Sakai Tools That Engage Students from Pepperdine TechLearn