What is it?


Respondus is an assessment tool that helps professors create and manage quizzes or exams. These assessments can be uploaded to Courses (powered by Sakai) or printed for in-class use. The tool also offers access to test pools offered by a number of textbook publishers, including Cengage, McGraw Hill, Pearson, and many others.

Faculty uses for Respondus:

  • Create and manage assessments
  • Import assessments from Microsoft Word documents
  • Upload assessments to Courses (powered by Sakai)
  • Download test banks from textbooks

About the Pilot:

The pilot ended June 29, 2012. We were grateful for the few faculty members that expressed interest and tried the software.  Due to limited interest, however, Pepperdine University decided not to pursue an institutional license.

Still Interested?

Although Pepperdine University has decided not to license this software, you or your department can purchase a copy at a very reasonable price.