Faculty Professional Development Schedule

Week 1 - July 9 - 13, 2012

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
9:00-9:45 Overview and learning activities to develop learner centric teaching Sharing tools learned from yesterday Brain differentiated learning activity Effective Presentations Work on presentation and embed in Forums

* Active Learning with Technology

* How the brain works

* Chunking and scaffolding your lessons

* Matching teaching styles to tools.

* Sakai tools overview and favorite tools

Sakai tools amped up

*embedding media

Graphic Design

Review one person's presentation and share comments



 Break  Break  Break  Break  Break
11:00-11:50 Teaching style survey Gradebook, assignment tool, Turnitin Voicethread, explore TED, slideshare, and iTunesU Prezi: How-to Online lectures: Jing & Bb Collaborate



Week 2 - July 16 - 20, 2012

  Monday           Tuesday        Wednesday    Thursday     Friday
9:00-9:50 Group think: Review  Group think

*Effective online assessments- Development of clear assessments

*Courses Tests/Quizzes tool for pre and post assessmetnts

Gradebook setup: dashes, extra credit, categories, total points, comments Share best practices

Browsers, search engines, Google accounts

Review each other's lesson plans and give feedback Courses Test/Quiz tool Gradebook How-to: Setup and Link assignments to the gradebook *Plan out next steps for one-on-one follow up


*Fac prof dev community




 Break  Break Break  Break  Break

Google Apps:




-Embed in Sakai

How to create effective groups


Assigning roles, topics


Managing students and teaching workload

Organizing your course


-Teaching same sections

 Writing Rubrics:

Add your assignment and the rubric to the assignment tool in Courses


Google Forms: Writing  your midterm evaluation


Sessions and program are lead by Hong Kha.
Please contact Hong.Kha@pepperdine.edu or call (310) 506-4257 with inquiries.


**Note, this schedule is subject to change.