Spring 2013 Schedule

Week 1:Monday, February 25 - Monday, March 4.

Course Pre-work is not a part of the SLO but needs to be done before 11:59pm on March 4 to help you prepare for this course.

  • Tech Check: make sure your computer is ready for webinar software, audio, video streaming, and other online learning technology.
  • Pre-assessment for online teaching: take the follow survey from Penn State to find out how ready you are for online teaching.
  • Read the syllabus and take quiz

Week 2-Orientation
Mandatory Face - to - face Meeting (IT will provide snacks) on Tuesday, March 5 @ 4-6 PM WLA Room 335

  • Welcome and Introductions
  • Courses overview: How to succeed in this program
  • Technologies that can be integrated into face-to-face (activity) and introduction for technologies for online learning.
    • Model for them Polleverywhere and Today's Meet
    • Overview image of all the technology they'll learn
  • Managing online discussions (Nettiquette) (activity)
  • Building online communities
  • Introducing variety of online rubrics

This week's asynchronous assignments: DUE Monday, March 11 before 11:59 pm

  • Dr. Linda Polin of GSEP's Learning Technologies program discusses her use of the Forums tool in Courses (powered by Sakai).

    Please watch the video and then participate in the discussion topic below. Post to the forum by starting a "new conversation." Share your reflections from Linda Polin's video on the following three items: 3 things you learned, 2 actions to take, and 1 question you have.

Week 3-Mapping and chunking your lessons

Mandatory Online Meeting @ 1-2 PM PST on Wednesday, March 13

  • Synchronous tools: Collaborate, Join.me will be used to demonstrate how to deliver online lectures. Check the assignment tool for instructions on how to login.
  • Asynchronous tools: Screencast-o-matic, Jing, Camtasia

This week's asynchronous assignments: DUE Monday, March 18 before 11:59 pm

  • Watch the screencast on chunking your lectures for synchronous and asynchronous lessons.
  • Complete and submit mapping your course worksheet.
    • Which lessons would you like to automate, collaborate, communication, and create?
    • Which lessons can you cut out?

Week 4 – Online Delivery Tools
Mandatory Online Meeting @ 1-2 PM PST on Wednesday, March 20

  • Browsers, Search Engines and Google: difference between browsers and why you should use more than one.
  • Visual Design and Creating Effective Presentations:
    • Graphic design layout
    • Free image websites
    • Image quality
    • Finding transparent background images
    • Animations and special features in PowerPoint

This week's asynchronous assignments: DUE Monday, March 25 before 11:59 pm

  • Training videos to watch this week.
    • Prezi tutorial
    • Courses (Sakai) Tools Amped Up: embedding videos in forums, embedding Google Docs, podcasts.
    • Cloud Storage, Group work and Organization (Courses dropbox, Courses Resources, Box.net)
    • Large Attachments: attachments.pepperdine.edu
  • Submit a before and after PowerPoint showing what you've applied from this week's lesson

Week 5 – Online Assessments
Mandatory Online Meeting @ 1-2 PM PST on Wednesday, March 27

  • Online Assessments: Writing better assessments
  • Select one of the rubrics provided in week 2 and partner up with a classmate to assess your partner's online course and post your response to the forum tool

This week's asynchronous assignments: DUE Monday, April 1 before 11:59 pm.

  • Watch the screencast on
    • Courses (Sakai): Test/Quizzes/Gradebook
    • Top 7 mistakes professors make
  • Discussion Forum: Discuss the types of assessments you used for different types of objectives (fact, concepts, or critical thinking) and explain to us why it worked for you. For example: I've include in your exam, a question about a topic we had a class discussion about. This helps me ensure they come to class and understand what was being discussed.
  • Take the practice exam in Courses. Then create a quiz for your course.

Week 6 – Best Practices and wrapping up Tuesday, April 2 @ 4-7pm WLA campus
Mandatory Face-to-face Meeting

  • Best Practices Presentations from the faculty and wrap-up
  • Review rubric to find out what you should present on