Spring 2014 Schedule


Week 1: Tech Check Monday, February 10 - February 17.
Course Pre-work is not a part of the SLO but needs to be done before 11:59pm on February 17 to help you prepare for this course.

  • Tech Check: make sure your computer is ready for webinar software, audio, video streaming, and other online learning technology.
  • Pre-assessment for online teaching: take the following survey from Penn State to find out how ready you are for online teaching. https://weblearning.psu.edu/FacultySelfAssessment/
  • Syllabus Overview
  • Learning Circle Videos
  • Post to forum ideas for a theme you'd like to develop with your team
    • Suggestions for Learning Circle Themes
      • Theme 1: Creating Online Learning Environments - Flipping the classroom
      • Possible project ideas:
        • Use of learning activities
        • Synchronous and asynchronous
        • Platforms and create uses of Courses (Sakai)
      • Theme 3: Strategies and tools for developing 'knowledge building dialogues'
      • Possible project ideas:
        • Facilitation strategies
        • Polls and other interactive tools
        • Asking questions rather than giving answers
      • Theme 4: Organization of classroom resources and student assignments
      • Possible project ideas:
        • Cloud storage, group work and organization (Courses dropbox, Courses Resources, Box.net)
        • Large attachments: attachments.pepperdine.edu
        • Strategies to support peer reviews
      • Theme 5: Design of online presentation materials - Flipping the classroom
      • Possible project ideas:
        • Prezi, PowerPoint and Keynote - when to use what
        • Camtasia videos and orienting the learner
      • Theme 6: Assessing Student Learning
      • Possible project ideas:
        • Rubrics
        • Dropboxes
        • Peer editing and tool
Week 2-Orientation
Mandatory Face - to - face Meeting (IT will provide dinner) on Wednesday, February 19 @ 4:00pm - 7:00pm WLA, Room 333

Welcome and Introductions–Charge the group with their task of creating a handbook collecting our ideas for how to teach with technology in the classroom. This will be presented to the class at the end and shared with the general faculty. Participants will be building a website resource to share with other faculty (15 mins)
  • Our Technical Timeline–How has technology shaped our professional Identity (drawing activity on Post-It boards (about 20 mins to create timeline and 20 minutes for a gallery walk) (45 mins)
  • (10 minute break)
  • What is a learning circle? (10 minutes)
  • Formation into learning circles and learning circle introductions (15 minutes)
  • Selection of projects
  • Building online learning environment together (Google Sites activity (15 minutes))
  • Dinner (Demo of Google Hangout and Google Drive)
This week's asynchronous assignments: Discussion notes DUE Tuesday, Feb. 25 before 11:59 pm
  • Go to your Learning Circle Group Library resources and watch or read at least one of the resources that are linked to your topic
  • Go on the internet and add at least one quality resource for your project area such as a scheduler, online meeting, reminder service

Weeks 3 - Building your Faculty Resources

You will be meeting in your learning circles leading a part of the discussion around the project that you have chosen. You will be working on all of the projects under your theme but each project will have a different leader. The Technology and Learning team members will be available to point to resources that might be helpful in the development of the projects.

Use Google Hangout for your meeting and Google Drive to collaborate on a document to take notes about what was discussed.

Discussion points may include but not limited to:

  • Tools that fit your theme
  • Discuss: various tools that fit your theme
  • Have a selection of tools and resources for the tools

You might start your discussion by thinking of a challenge. Can you think of a classroom use that could use all of the tools to solve a problem? For example: you would like better use of office hours.

This week's asynchronous assignments: DUE Tuesday, March 4 before 11:59pm

  • Watch the screencasts or YouTube on your resource or topic
  • Decide on how to share this with your circle partners
  • Which information will you need from your circle partners to help you think about this tool
  • Hold a learning circle meeting before the due date. Meeting notes are due on March 11
  • Make a short screencast (Jing) to explain how you might approach using this tool in the classroom
  • Ask a Technology & Learning team member to schedule any needed tutorials for next week

Week 4 - Designing your Website - Online Meeting @ 10:00am - 11:00am, on Wednesday, March 5 (times may vary) Meeting with your Learning Circle on Google Hangout

Share your ideas for the website section with your circle. Incorporate their ideas.

Collect the resources that are relevant to your learning circle theme and projects. Here are some possibilities:

  • Browsers, Search Engines and Google: from your resource folder in Courses learn the difference between browsers and why you should use more than one.
  • Visual Design and Creating Effective Presentations:
    • Graphic design layout
    • Free image website
    • Image quality
    • Finding transparent background images
    • Animations and special features in PowerPoint

This week's asynchronous assignments: DUE Tuesday March 11 before 11:59pm.

Work on Google sites, create your section sharing what the group has decided. Add your Jing and links to other resources. When you're doing this consider; How can you organize the content so other professors can learn how to use the tools?

Week 5 - Final Editing of your website - Online Meeting @ 1:00pm - 2:00pm (times may vary, decide with your teammates) on Wednesday, March 12 Meeting with your Learning Circle on Google Hangout

  • Share your first drafts of the site with circle members so they can help you design it.

This week's asynchronous assignments: DUE Monday, March 17 before 11:59pm

Your website should be taking shape. Discuss strategies for making it more interactive with your Learning Circle.

Week 6 – Final face-to-face meeting Tuesday, March 18 @ 4:00pm - 7:00pm either at the Malibu campus, Drescher Computer Lab.

Demonstration of the web resources that each learning circle has created.

The circles review and give peer feedback on the utility of the Learning Circles products

  • Best Practices Presentations from the faculty and wrap-up
  • Review rubric to find out what you should present on

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