Faculty Professional Development Spring 2015


This spring we selected several faculty members of the community to participate in the Faculty Professional Development Program centered around Gamification. This 7 week, 67% online program will explain in detail the principles of Gamification, what benefits it can bring to the classroom, and how to implement game theory related techniques into practice.

About The Course

Attendees met for one hour, once a week, excluding the first and last sessions which were held face to face at the West. L.A. campus. There were 6 sessions over the course of the 7 weeks (with a midpoint week long break in the middle).

The coursework was designed with relevance and practicality in mind, so most learning projects will be tailored to individual participant's classroom needs. Active participants in the program qualified for up to $200 in stipend! Content was focused on student engagement, motivations, and new methods of assessment.

Faculty Mentor

Dr. Chris Heard

Dr. Chris Heard teaches in the Seaver College Religion Division, where his bread-and-butter courses are Religion 101 and the Biblical Hebrew sequence. Chris has been an enthusiastic (obsessive?) gamer since a friend introduced him to Dungeons & Dragons and Steve Jackson Microgames in 1977. In addition to his scholarly work, Chris has a few minor writing and editing credits in the tabletop role-playing game industry and serves on the Board of Directors of and as Content Manager for Trivium Entertainment, a startup currently developing Crossroads, a Bible-themed expandable board game. Chris has already lost track of when he first started using "experience points" and "levels" in place of a weighted grading scale, but his earliest conference presentations on the topic were at BibleTech in March 2010 and the Sakai Conference in June 2010.


Training sessions met online for one hour (2:00-3:00 pm), once a week except for the two face-to-face sessions which were longer and took place at the West LA campus in room 212.

(Face to Face @ West LA campus Room 212)
Week 1
Week 2 (2/11/15) Week 3 (2/18/15) Week 4 (2/25/15) Week 5 (3/4/15) Week 6 (3/11/15) Week 7 (3/18/15)

Introduction to Gamification


"Re-think" Day Student Motivation & What We Can Learn From 'Serious' Fun Midpoint Break!   Improving Engagement Student Agency Participant Presentations
4 PM - 7PM (Face to Face @ West LA campus Room 212). Dinner will be served at 5:30 PM. Via Adobe Connect. 2PM-3PM Via Adobe Connect. 2PM-3PM No Class Via Adobe Connect. 2PM-3PM Via Adobe Connect. 2PM-3PM 4 PM - 7 PM (Face to Face @ West LA campus Room 212). Dinner will be served at 5:30 PM.