FPD Nano


This session of faculty professional development has been built from the ground up around the faculty experience. We're excited to have you join us in piloting this new program! If you are interested in signing up, please click here.


We strongly encourage faculty to attend Wednesday sessions whenever possible, as they will be the primary session each week when available.

Please note that in order to accommodate the largest number of faculty, sessions do not meet at the same time every week. If you have signed up for a class, you will receive a notification prior to each class you have expressed interest in. If you are interested in attending additional classes, please see the extended schedule below. (Schedule subject to change)

Session Date Time
Classroom Management Wednesday, February 22 12:00 PM
Classroom Management Thursday, February 23 12:00 PM
How Brains Learn Wednesday, March 1 12:00 PM
How Brains Learn Thursday, March 2 12:00 PM
Active Learning Wednesday, March 8 12:00 PM
Active Learning Thursday, March 9 12:00 PM
Grant Writing Wednesday, March 15 12:00 PM
Grant Writing Friday, March 17 12:00 PM
Presentation Skills Wednesday, March 22 12:00 PM
Presentation Skills Friday, March 24 12:00 PM
Google Apps Tuesday, March 28 12:00 PM
Google Apps Wednesday, March 29 12:00 PM
Teaching with Infographics Monday, April 3 10:00 AM
The Multimedia Classroom Tuesday, April 4 12:00 PM
Non-Traditional Teaching Wednesday, April 5 12:00 PM
Non-Traditional Teaching Thursday, April 6 12:00 PM
Game Based Learning Monday, April 10 12:00 PM

Session Topics and Registration

If you filled out the sheet in our face to face meeting or filled out the online google form to indicate your interest in a session, you have already been registered for that session. If you are interested in joining additional classes than the ones you originally expressed interest in, please click here to register for additional sessions and ensure you'll be on the lunch order list. For a list of session topics, please click the topics below. 

Course Management

Classroom management is a seven part guide to transform the Courses by Sakai experience. It reimagines how we use each tool to reinforce classroom engagement while cultivating classroom relationships.

How Brains Learn

What actually happens in our brains when we learn? What type of environment improves or inhibits our brain's ability to process and retain information? Join us as we seek to understand this mysterious process and discuss techniques to improve student retention.

Active Learning

Active Learning reshapes how lesson plans are created in order to continually assess learner comprehension and retention. This session will cover activities and teaching styles that can be utilized to encourage active participation in the classroom.

Grant Writing

Need funding? Learn how to research and apply for funding, and all of the services offered by the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs in this Grant Writing workshop. Special emphasis will be placed on how to develop successful proposals and avoid common mistakes.

Presentation Skills

Looking to improve the content of your presentation? This session covers a few simple tips for making a big impact. Whether you prefer PowerPoint, Prezi, or a simple white board, these tips will help you make your content more impactful, memorable, and clear.

Google Apps

The G Suite for Education is a set of free productivity tools for classroom collaboration. It's the same set of apps you know and love - Gmail, Drive, Hangouts, Docs, and more - but designed with new features to make work easier and bring students and teachers together. Create, share, and edit in real-time, anywhere and anytime.

Teaching with Infographics

Do your students grapple with complex content offered in your class? Are you looking for ways to summarize data in an easy to understand way that doesn't require complex graphic design? Infographics may offer a solution! Come see the role they can play in teaching, and how students can co-create content in order to synthesize higher order learning.

The Multimedia Classroom

Multimedia Classroom explores how the lesson plan can be differentiated to address the needs and learning styles of different kinds of learners. It looks at publicity strategies and employs marketing techniques to re-envision the classroom experience.

Non Traditional Teaching

Nontraditional Teaching takes a look at strategy for breaking out of the box of frontal lecture-based teaching. It demonstrates four practical and creative teaching tactics for creating engagement and deeper learning in the classroom.

Game Based Learning

Join us in this session as we discuss the use of game based learning and how it can help reduce learner anxiety, facilitate peer based learning, and improve student engagement. Listen to first hand experiences of the pros and cons of bringing this pedagogy technique from planning to implementation.