Successfully Using the Tests and Quizzes Tools in Courses

Dr. James DiLellio, Graziadio School of Business and Management
November 2, 2011


While the "Tests & Quizzes" tool in Courses can be used in a variety of ways, Dr. DiLellio illustrates the successes and challenges in its use for short 10 question multiple choice quizzes. These quizzes are made available to students to complete on their own before the class meets face-to-face. They cover rudimentary concepts planned for the upcoming class session and are time-limited to 15 minutes. Faculty benefits have included increased class time discussion, students who are better prepared, and efficiency gained from quizzes automatically being graded and populated into the grade book. Students benefit by the motivation it creates for them to prepare for the evening, as well as the flexibility and the immediate feedback it provides. The tool is not without its challenges, such as operating on the honor system, as well as addressing students with learning disabilities. These online quizzes have been successfully implemented in DESC 471: "Statistical Methods and Research Design," DESC 656: "Quantitative Methods for Business Operations," and FINC 639: "Financial Modeling."