Adobe Connect 9.7


In fall 2017, Adobe Connect transitioned its collaborative meeting platform from Flash to HTML5. The difference is Flash streams web services through your browser and is dependent on an ever-updating series of 3rd party external plugins. Whereas with HTML5, those web services run "native" through your web browser.


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New Features


Web Portal

Clean New Interface

adobe connect 9.7 clean interface image
The Adobe Connect portal has a fresh new look.

"+ Create" Button

adobe connect 9.7 create button imageEasily create new meetings and upload web content.

My Recordings Tab

adobe connect 9.7 my recordings image
View all your saved meeting recordings. Now search for recordings by keywords, user, or date.


Adobe Connect Apps

Install On All Platforms

adobe connect 9.7 platforms image
Install simply on:





Launch Your Meeting Quickly

adobe connect 9.7 address bar image
No need to find a lengthy web address for your meeting. Meetings are now a click away!

Favorite Your Meetings

adobe connect 9.7 quick meetings image
Star your favorite meetings in the new Adobe Connect app.

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