Other Elluminate Support Documentation

Elluminate and Other Programs

Elluminate is also connected with other Pepperdine-specific programs like Sakai and Blackboard. The seamless integration between Eluminate and other pograms enable instructors to easily use Elluminate functions in their Blackboard or Sakai courses.

Create an Elluminate Session in Sakai

  1. Log into Sakai (https://sakai.pepperdine.edu).
  2. Go to your course.
    Elluminate Sakai Toolbar
  3. Click "Elluminate" in your left navigation menu.
  4. Click "Add Session".
    Elluminate Add Session Screen
  5. Enter the "Session Name".
    Elluminate Select File
  6. Set the "Start Date/Time" and "End Date/Time".
  7. (Optional) Occurs: Choose whether the meeting session will occur: Once, Weekly, or Monthly.
  8. (Optional) Recurrence Count: If you choose Weekly or Monthly above, choose how many sessions this session will repeat.
  9. (Optional) Add to site calendar: choose whether you want an event notice placed in the site calendar.
  10. Click "Submit" to create the Elluminate session.