Add a Collaborate/Elluminate Session to Courses

Blackboard Collaborate (formerly known as Elluminate Live) is an online meeting tool available to Pepperdine faculty, staff, and students. A site manager can easily add this tool to a class site for participants to meet, communicate, and collaborate online. To create a new online session inside Courses (powered by Sakai), follow these instructions.


  1. Log into Courses at
  2. Click the tab for the course or project site.
  3. Click Bb Collaborate in the left menu. (If you have not added the tool, please use Site Info > Edit Tools.)

    Sakai Elluminate Left Menu
  4. Click Create Session.

    Sakai Elluminate Create Session
  5. Enter the session name.
  6. Set the start date/time and end date/time. Times must be in 15 minute increments and cannot happen in the past.

    Note: Choose whether the meeting session will occur: once, weekly, or monthly. If you choose weekly or monthly above, enter the number of sessions that this session will repeat.

  7. Choose whether you want an event notice placed in the site calendar.
  8. For Boundary Time, set how early to allow users to sign on prior to the beginning of the online session. The "Start Time" is the published time and the "Boundary Time" allows moderators and participants to join the session before the start time. The default setting is 30 minutes.

    Sakai Elluminate Name-Schedule Session
  9. Review the participants list.

    IMPORTANT: If you are co-teaching or working with assistants, be sure to add the appropriate names into the "Moderator Role" box.

  10. Click Submit to save the meeting information and create the online session.
  11. Click OK once you have confirmed your session details. If you would like to invite any guests to your session that are not enrolled in the class, please provide them with the guest link under External links.

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