Sakai 2.9 Upgrade

Sakai 2.9 upgrade

Additional Faculty Features


"Elluminate Live Bridge" renamed "Bb Collaborate"

  • To reduce confusion, the "Elluminate Live! Bridge" tool has been renamed "Bb Collaborate." If you had already added the tool in your site, look for the new name "Bb Collaborate" in your menu.  If you are adding the tool for the first time, it will be listed as "Bb Collaborate." Learn more.

Web Content improvements

  • The Web Content tool allows a professor to add websites to the site's left menu. More and more sites don't like to be "framed" within another site. To address this issue, the Web Content tool now allows professors to open the link in a completely new window, rather than inside a frame. This eliminates display issues and keeps the class site open, too. Learn more.

Web Content new window option

New button to edit Home, Web Content, and similar tools

  • To edit the content on the Home tool or to change the address or settings of Web Content, you'll notice a new edit button.  Look for the pencil and paper (Edit icon) icon at the top right of the tool. Clicking this icon will open the edit screen to update information and settings.

Old Modules tool has been replaced by the Lessons tool

The new "Lessons" Tool has replaced the Modules Tool.  The Lessons tool comes with many new features:

  • The look is much more polished.
  • It's easier to add multimedia. If you upload an MP4 video file, for example, it will automatically create a media player for your participants. Also, you ca copy the website for a YouTube video and it will auto-insert the YouTube player.
  • It includes 'Conditional Release' -- a feature where professors can now hide pages until students have completed an assessment or received a certain grade on an activity.
  • You can now link directly to activities like tests, assignments, and forums. This can create a more streamlined pathway for learning.

Assignments offers "Submit as Student"

Several professors have asked for the ability to upload a document on behalf of a student. Perhaps a student had technical difficulties or some other reason they couldn't upload the document themselves.  With the latest version, professors can now upload a document "on behalf" of a specific student.

  • Click the Assignments tool.
  • From the View drop down menu, select "Assignment List by Student."
  • Click the expand icon (Expand icon) next to the specific student.
  • Below the desired assignment, click "Submit as Student."
  • Follow the steps on the page to complete the submission on behalf of the student.

Submit as Student

Hide / Disable tools in the left menu

In the past, you were always able to hide menu items from students. However, when you hid a tool, it also disabled access to content within those tools. Now, you have more flexibility! You can decide whether to only hide a tool from students (while still allowing access to its content) or disable a tool (which both hides the tool and disables access to its content).

  • Click Site Info and then Page Order
  • Next to the tool, choose whether to:
    • Hide/Show (Hide icon) a tool from students. The professor can see and interact with the tool. The students cannot see the tool but can access content if linked from other locations (such as Lessons).
    • Disable/Enable (Disable icon) a tool for students. The professor can see and interact with the tool. Students cannot see or access any content within the tool.
  • Click Save. Hidden or disabled tools will appear italicized in the left menu for the instructor.

Hide or Disable tools

New fMath tool available in the rich text editor

A new option allows professors to create math equations through the text editor. The fMath tool supports both LaTeX and MathML formats. This is a powerful new feature for math, science, accounting, and other quantitative fields. To learn how to use the fMath tool, please visit the fMath website.

fMath icon in rich text editor


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