Courses Upgrade Powered by Sakai 11

Technology and Learning is excited to announce

Courses Upgrade

Launched August 15, 2017



On August 15, 2017, Courses (powered by Sakai) was upgraded to version 11.4.  The upgrade brings a host of new tools and features, including a brand new mobile experience, that will be much easier to navigate.


Clear Your Cache!

In order to see all the new changes to Courses, users are recommended to clear their web browser cache. Learn how and why it's important to clear your browser cache.

New Features Include:

Favorite your sites:

Courses now has a "Waffle" to find all of your course sites.  Click "Sites" and then click on a star to favorite a site. To organize your sites, drag and drop them in your preferred order.

Simple navigation:

Now Courses acts more like a regular website. Browse back and forth between pages with a simpler system. No need to click the refresh arrows with each tool.

Also, Courses has been optimized for mobile!

Grade with ease:

Access and input your students' grades in one streamlined system. Grading is now as simple as using a spreadsheet. Click on the cell corresponding to your students' activities and enter their scores.

Attendance tool: 

Quickly keep track of student attendance. Now there is a tool to track who is present, absent, sick, etc. This new tool helps you assess and monitor student presence in class.

Build quick lessons: 

Simple modular tools allow you to easily craft curriculum. Add elements like checklists, discussion questions, quizzes, and assignments into comprehensive lesson plans.

Tasks? Use the Checklist: 

The lessons tool has a new Checklist feature. Through simple task lists, professors can indicate their expectations for satisfying class requirements and students can self-assess their learning by checking off completed objectives.

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