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Drop Box: Share Documents Privately with Your Instructor

The Drop Box is a simple tool to allow you to share documents privately with your course instructor. You can upload documents for your instructor to review. Your instructor can also upload files for you through the Drop Box, too.


Submit a Document to the Drop Box


  1. Click the tab for your course or project site.
  2. Click "Drop Box" in the left menu.
  3. Click "Add."
  4. Click "Upload Files."
  5. Click "Browse."
  6. A pop-up window for your computer's hard drive will appear.
  7. Select a file and click Open.
    1. NOTE: Whether you are uploading one or more files, your total upload cannot exceed 100 MB.
  8. Select "Send an email notification to the instructor(s)" if you want to send a notice to your instructors.
  9. Click "Upload Files Now."
  10. Waitfor the file to upload.

Drop Box: Frequently Asked Questions

"Can I share documents with classmates through the Drop Box?"

The Drop Box tool is a way for a student to privately share files and information with a course instructor. Each student only sees his or her Drop Box folder.

For group work, your instructor can create a group and assign a folder in Resources for group file sharing. You may also create your own project site and enroll your classmates into this site as co-maintainers. In this project site, you can use the Resources folder to share documents as well as any other tool for your group collaboration.

"How do I upload a document over 100 MB?"

You can upload multiple files to the Drop Box. No single upload process can exceed 100 MB total file size. This means that you can either upload a single file that is up to 100 MB in size or multiple files that do not total more than 100 MB together.

If you need to upload a very large file to your Drop Box, you have a few options. First, you can compress the file. Using a compression utility, you can package one or more files into a .zip file so that the total size of the file is under the 100 MB limit. Or you can activate your Pepperdine Google account here, use Google Drive and upload a link in your Drop Box to the file or folder of files.