Student Disciplinary Committee Hearings

If, after reviewing a sexual misconduct report and related investigative materials, the associate dean believes that there is a probable violation of the Sexual Misconduct Policy and the resulting sanction could result in suspension or dismissal from the University, the matter will be submitted for hearing by the Student Disciplinary Committee. The committee will include a minimum of three faculty and/or staff members, with a mix of both male and female members. The associate dean will chair the committee but is not a voting member unless there is a tie to vote.

Prior to the committee hearing, the involved parties will be provided in writing with a notice describing the behavior that allegedly violates the Sexual Misconduct Policy, the investigative materials, and any other information the associate dean deems necessary to provide the involved parties. The notice and related materials will be sent to the involved students' email accounts. The notice will also include the date and time of the hearing, not less than five (5) or more than fifteen (15) calendar days after the involved parties have been notified. Maximum time limits for scheduling hearing may be extended at the discretion of the associate dean.

For reference, please review Pepperdine's Sexual Misconduct Policy