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COVID-19 Testing Information for Week of Thanksgiving

As Pepperdine prepares for the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday, please carefully review the following COVID-19 testing information.

COVID-19 Screening Testing Site Closures

Weekly screening testing is required if you will access campus during the week of Thanksgiving. All COVID-19 screening testing sites will be open regular hours on Monday and Tuesday. Testing sites will close at 11 AM on Wednesday, November 24 through Sunday, November 28. Therefore, if you will be on campus during the week of Thanksgiving, you should test on Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday before 11 AM. Please complete this Google form if you will not access a University campus or facility during the week of Thanksgiving.

Optional Self-Administered Tests

Entry screening tests are not required upon return from the Thanksgiving holiday. However, as a service to the Pepperdine community, the University will provide free, optional self-administered tests for anyone who wishes to complete a take-home test over the holiday before returning to University campuses. Please note, these tests are not required and are also not a substitute for regular weekly screening tests.

Tests with instruction sheets will be available at the testing sites beginning Monday, November 22. Please review the instructions for self-administering the test and what to do with positive, negative, or invalid test results.

If you have any questions about this information, please contact the University's COVID-19 Information Line at 310.506.8111 or via email at covid19testing@pepperdine.edu. Thank you for your continued support as the University works together to keep the community safe.