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Learn How to Improve Focus with Robert Scholz

Robert Scholz studio headshotOn January 26 at noon, join licensed marriage and family therapist Robert Scholz for this HR-hosted webinar "From Languishing to Flourishing: Steps to Improve Focus, Productivity, and Meaning in 2022!" 

Many people have felt lethargic, lacked motivation and focus, and, overall, felt dissatisfied with where they are personally and professionally—a good description of the state known as languishing.  However, we know there are steps that can help us move through the languishing and towards a state of flourishing, where we experience more positive emotions, our psychological functioning (motivation and focus) improves and we’re able to participate more fully in relationships and work.  Scholz will present an interactive webinar with easy-to-use tools to better understand yourself and others and improve emotional well-being. 

To learn more and register to attend, visit the event website.