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Although there are numerous councils and committees throughout Pepperdine University, the following are central to University governance and should be of interest to all faculty and staff. Here you will find basic information about each committee, as well as links to minutes and agendas for their proceedings, a list of committee members, and ways to contact them or provide feedback.

Advancement of Student Learning Council

The Advancement of Student Learning Council (ASLC) was developed to instill and sustain a culture of systematic student learning assessment in all quarters of the University. ASLC's goals include training faculty and co-curricular professionals in their respective schools or major areas in effective and meaningful assessment practices, and facilitating annual and 5-year program reviews in the University's respective schools and major areas. ASLC works closely with the Office of Institutional Effectiveness in channeling aggregated data aligned to the University's Institutional Educational Objectives. The ASLC also offers programs undergoing 5-year program reviews with feedback on the quality of their critical inquiry process and use of evidence to support their program improvement plan.

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Web site:  https://wikis.pepperdine.edu/display/ASLC/Home

University Academic Council

The University Academic Council (UAC) is the chief policy-making body for academic procedures, policies, and requirements in the schools. It reviews proposals submitted by the academic council of a particular school for changes or additions to the curriculum, graduation requirements, and general academic policies.

UAC deals with the creation of new courses or deletion of old courses from the catalog, changes in general education requirements, creation of new majors or minors, and changes in requirements for a particular major or minor. It is principally responsible for addressing and recommending academic programs and policies to the president.

The associate provost, who is a nonvoting member except in the event of a tie, chairs this committee. Voting members are the deans (or dean representatives) of each of the five schools, one elected faculty representative from each school, the director of libraries, the dean of international programs, and the registrar.

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Web site:  Click Here  (Please note this a Sakai/Courses site link. If you cannot access the UAC pages, please email provost@pepperdine.edu for access assistance.)

University Diversity Council

The Pepperdine University Diversity Council (UDC) is a university-wide council composed of faculty, staff, and students who join with senior management in a collaborative effort to create strategic plans and goals for diversity in alignment with our Christian mission and vision. This involves implementing programs that increase and enhance student, faculty, and staff diversity at all levels of the University.

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Web site:  https://wikis.pepperdine.edu/display/UDC/Home

University Faculty Council

The University Faculty Council (UFC) was formed in 2001 by a charter signed by all five schools of Pepperdine University. The purpose of the UFC is to provide a vehicle for collegial discussion and decision-making between Pepperdine University administration and the faculty. Each school has at least one representative on the UFC.

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Web site:  https://wikis.pepperdine.edu/display/UFC/Home

University Management Committee

The University Management Committee (UMC) provides input and makes decisions on a variety of management issues affecting the University, all toward the purpose of furthering the University's mission. UMC considers policies, procedures, and matters related to managing the University while respecting the fact that the primary responsibility for managing the institution and its employees rests with the individual University managers. Among other things, UMC specifically reviews and adopts University policies, fee requests, and charge-back requests; reviews employment matters that affect large groups of University employees; and ensures operational projects to not unnecessarily impact academic or student services.

Web site: https://wikis.pepperdine.edu/display/UMC/University+Management+Committee (login required)

University Planning Committee

The University Planning Committee (UPC) is the body responsible for coordinating university-level assessment, planning, program review, and resource allocation processes. Its membership includes the president, the vice presidents, the provost (chair), the vice provost, each of the deans of the five schools, three faculty representatives, and other executives who manage key areas, such as the director of athletics and the dean of libraries. The UPC facilitates the annual process for considering tuition and housing rates; the annual budgeting process; reviewing the findings of academic and co-curricular program reviews; and articulating and monitoring strategic initiatives at the university level.

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Web site:  https://wikis.pepperdine.edu/display/UPC/Home

University Retirement Plan Committee

The Retirement Plan Committee acts as the named investment fiduciary to the University's Retirement plan. It monitors the performance of the trustee and investment manager and makes decisions that are necessary to prudently manage the Plan's selection of investments and investment-related services. Committee meeting minutes and quarterly investment review reports can be found under the plan information section of the Retirement Plan website.

Web site:  https://www.divinvest.com/plan/pepperdine/

University Spiritual Life Committee

The University Spiritual Life Committee (USLC) is a specific outgrowth of Pepperdine's Strategic Plan, Boundless Horizons, which includes among its core goals that of strengthening "the various parts of the University concerned with spiritual formation." Constituted under the authority of the Provost and President of Pepperdine University, the USLC supports Pepperdine's aspiration to be "a preeminent, global, Christian university, known for the integration of faith and learning, whose graduates lead purposeful lives as servant-minded leaders throughout the world." The USLC's mission is to develop, refine, and communicate a vision for Christian spiritual formation that integrates faith and learning into all aspects of the Pepperdine community.

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Additional Information and Feedback

Faculty and staff have a variety of opportunities to voice their views through their department/division chairs, deans, faculty committees, and faculty associations. For those faculty and staff seeking anonymity, the following resources are available:



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