Computer & Network Responsible Usage Policy

Purpose Applicability Conditions for Use Prohibitions Peer-to-Peer and File Sharing Notice Security and Privacy

Users' University computer and network passwords must conform to IT's published complexity and length requirements, and must not be shared with any other person, used in non-University accounts, or otherwise disclosed. Passwords must be changed immediately if disclosed or compromised.

The University employs various measures to protect the security of its information resources. Users should be aware that their uses of University computer and network resources are not private. While the University does not routinely monitor individual usage, the normal operation and maintenance of the University's computing resources require backup, logging of activity, the monitoring of general and individual usage patterns, and other such activities that are necessary for information security and the rendition of service. In addition, the University reserves the right to review, monitor and/or capture any content residing on, or transmitted over, its computers or network at its sole discretion. The University reserves the right to limit access to its computers or network, and to remove or limit access to material residing on its computers or network.

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