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Information Technology Tools

Pepperdine University offers a wide variety of tools to enhance both work and learning. Read the descriptions below and click on the appropriate links for more information about these tools and how to use them.


Pepperdine University's large attachment server allows you to send large, encrypted attachments. This service is also useful for sending very large files, up to 20GB per message.

Adobe Connect

NOTE: This technology is only available to select faculty members teaching blended or online classes.
Adobe Connect is an online meeting tool geared toward bringing remotely located people together over the Internet to teach, learn, and collaborate.

Cisco Telephones at Pepperdine

Information Technology's Systems and Networking staff have begun a multi-year project to replace the University's existing telephone system with a new platform from Cisco that merges voice, video, and web conferencing. (This service is for faculty and staff only.)

Cisco Personal Communicator: Jabber

PLEASE NOTE: This technology is only available to select faculty and staff for testing. IT staff will notify you when this technology becomes available campus-wide. Jabber is a telephone system from Cisco that merges voice, video, and web conferencing. The new Cisco telephones allow users to easily communicate and collaborate with instant messaging, quick audio and video conferences, desktop sharing, and phone calls from computer to computer or computer to land line. 

Class Distribution Lists

Pepperdine's Class Distribution Lists allow for instructors and students of a particular course to communicate via email server. Each class is given an unique email distribution list that is automatically created and modified. 

Course Evaluations

Course evaluations are part of Pepperdine University's commitment to excellence in teaching and learning. The evaluations provide useful feedback, which faculty and schools use to improve the quality of instruction.

Courses (Powered by Sakai)

Courses (powered by Sakai) is Pepperdine's learning management system which includes tools such as blogs, forums, and polls to help students reflect, communicate, and provide peer to peer feedback. Staff can also utilize Sakai to create project sites to manage research projects or committee work.

Email Distribution Lists

Pepperdine offers several options for creating email distribution lists. Learn more about what kind of list is right for you and follow the instructions to create your list.

eSign - Digital Signatures

Pepperdine's eSign will automate and streamline the document signing process for contracts and internal forms for all Pepperdine faculty and staff. What has traditionally taken days and sometimes weeks to get a document signed has now been reduced to minutes. Simply Send, Sign, and Save!


Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet tool which allows users to create spreadsheets to analyze and organize data. Users can also use Excel to create tables, charts, and visuals to represent data.

Google Apps

Google Apps is a set of Google services tailored specifically for Pepperdine community members. Services include Google-powered email, calendars, document sharing, instant messaging, and mobile device services.

GoPrint - Printing Services for Students

In Drescher and Payson libraries and computer labs, the GoPrint program provides printing services and controls the printers. GoPrint works by creating a paused print queue on the computer that is used as a Release Station. When a person chooses a GoPrint printer, their job is sent to a paused printer queue where it sits until the person releases it by swiping an ID card with credit on it.

iPad Research Study

Pepperdine University's Information Technology administration and Technology and Learning group are working with Pepperdine faculty to assess the effectiveness of the iPad as a learning tool.


Kronos provides electronic timecards to Pepperdine employees. This tool allows users to create, edit, and approve timecards.

(Faculty and staff only.) is an online training library and professional-development software which provides guides and tutorials for over 700 software products. Pepperdine users must register for a free, two-week training period to use this website.

Network Drives

Pepperdine offers network drive space to faculty and staff to share critical documents and projects. Files stored on this service are backed up on a daily basis and rotated off-site on a weekly basis.

Office 2010/2011

As of January 18, 2011, Pepperdine Information Technology has made the newest versions of Microsoft Office available to faculty and staff. The University community can now upgrade to either Office 2010 for Windows or Office 2011 for Mac depending on their operating system. The upgrade is optional and users can feel free to upgrade to the new versions of Office at any time.


Microsoft Outlook is the Windows desktop client of Pepperdine's messaging system. It includes customizable email, scheduling, task and contact tracking tools to help efficiently manage office activities.


Microsoft Powerpoint is a presentation creation tool that allows users to create professional-looking presentations for business and classroom settings. (Available to Pepperdine IT staff only) is an easy-to-use project portfolio management application, which allows Information Technology (IT) to track the status of major IT projects. It has a look and feel like MS Project and is located in Pepperdine's hosted web environment at

Remote Support Tool at Pepperdine

Remote Support is a tool that Information Technology (IT) staff can use to help students, faculty, and staff with many technology requests. This remote assistance and screen-sharing tool gives the community the convenience to receive technical support from IT support staff from one campus to another or across the Internet.

SENF - Sensitive Number Finder/ SSN/CCN Scanner

Sensitive number finder or SENF is a program that is used to scan a computer for restricted information such as social security numbers (SSN) or credit card numbers (CCN). Sometimes colleagues don't realize they have restricted information and this program assist in searching the entire computer even old archives of documents. To use the program, please visit

TurnItIn is an online plagiarism detection service which provides a detailed assessment of originality on any submitted work by performing a search for textual similarities to other works in academic journals, on the Internet, and within its own database of submitted work.


WaveNet is a secure, online portal that connects the Pepperdine University community to personal and professional information such as paychecks, benefits, and retirement account information. Students use WaveNet to register for classes, check grades, make payments, access numerous library research databases, and more.

Web Deposits for ID Cards

The One Card Web Deposit at Pepperdine University is a new and free online service designed to provide students, faculty, and staff the convenience of adding money to their campus ID cards anywhere and anytime.


Web-based email allows users to access their email, calendar, and contact list from any Internet connection without the use of an external client. To log into your email, visit:

Windows Operating Systems

Check Pepperdine's support status of Microsoft's Windows operating systems.


Microsoft Word is word-processing software which allows users to create, share, and edit documents.

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