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Research Assistant Hiring Process

Nelson Granados with MBA student


Tenured and tenure-track faculty can apply to have a research assistant (RA) support them in their research. When faculty members apply for an RA, they are responsible for identifying eligible research assistants from the current student population and confirming a funding source. RA's are paid $20.14 per hour (effective 7/1/24) for a maximum of 8 hours per week for the length of the term. To maximize our budget, RA's do not automatically roll over to the next term, therefore, faculty members are asked to complete this form during the application period.

In collaboration with the Student Employment Office, the Faculty Affairs Department facilitates the hiring process of research assistants. If approved, the faculty member will manage the duties of the research assistant and the Faculty Affairs team will approve the students' timecards on a bi-weekly basis.


Process to Apply

  • Applications open approximately four weeks prior to the start of each term and close after a two-week window. An email is sent to all Full-time faculty alerting them of these dates.  You must apply/ reapply during this window to have your application considered.  
  • Faculty members are asked to complete this form each term.
  • Pending budget allocation, Faculty Affairs will cover the cost of one RA per faculty member. The cost of an RA can also be covered by an award, grant, and/or by development funds.
  • After the application period has closed, all requests will be reviewed by the Associate Dean of Academic Affairs and department chairs.  Faculty will be notified via email with a decision. 
  • Faculty Affairs will partner with the faculty to help identify a candidate, if needed, and will facilitate the hiring process. 

Funding Sources

Research assistants can be funded in multiple ways:

  • Faculty Affairs (Standard -- 1 per faculty member; contingent on budget availability)
  • Denney Award Research Funds (Individually Awarded)
  • Julian Virtue Research Funds (Individually Awarded)
  • Development Funds (Pending Department Chair approval)


  • What are the requirements in hiring a student employee?
    • Must be a current Pepperdine student with legal documentation to work within the United States.
  • Can I hire an international student?
    • Yes; however, please be aware that there are specific guidelines that international students must adhere to --- learn more information here.
  • Can I hire a second research assistant?
  • Can a student work for more than one professor?
    • Yes, RA can apply to work for more than one faculty member if: (a) both faculty members agree and (b) the Program Committee Chair verifies that the student is within good academic standing.
    • NOTE: Students are not to exceed 20 hours per week (8 hours per week per faculty member).
  • Can students work when the university is closed?
    • No, students are not allowed to record hours in Kronos when the university is closed.
  • Can students work between term breaks?
    • Yes, with the faculty member's approval, students can record hours during term breaks.
  • How long can students work after they graduate?
    • Fall = last day of the fall term in December
    • Spring = work until mid-July
    • Summer = last day of their class
      • If the student's last class ends after session A, their employment eligibility will also end at that time.

NOTE: Please contact the Student Employment Office for additional information. International students are not eligible to work after graduation.