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Writing Center

Pepperdine Law

Our Philosophy

We aim to make better writers, not just better papers. And we approach writing as a process. Our aim is to help students focus on the process of critical thinking, drafting, and revision so they can express their ideas clearly and coherently.

Practice-ready students. One of the most important practice-oriented skill is legal writing. The Writing Center's goal is to give you suggestions and techniques so you can improve your writing skills.
Legal writing is clear, concise, and engages the reader. The Writing Fellows will help you with clarity, structure, grammar, and style.

Book an appointment early. Appointments do fill up, in particular prior to major assignments. To make an appointment, simply go to the Information For Students link and select a convenient date and time.

What can the Writing Fellows review? Writing samples and drafts of ungraded papers.

How should I prepare? Bring with you a hard copy of the paper you would like the Writing Fellow to review. Also be sure to prepare specific questions for the Writing Fellow.

We do not edit or proofread entire papers. Instead, we will help you learn correct grammar so that you can edit your own writing in the future. We will show you how to proofread and where you can find the rules for correct form. We will suggest changes in overall structure, as well as point out minor editing issues. We can also help out with legal citation.

Our goal is not to write a paper for you; rather, we hope to equip you with skills that will make writing easier and a more effective means of expressing complex legal thoughts and ideas.