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Welcome to the Student Employment Office

The Student Employment Office at Pepperdine University exists to serve both students and supervisors in the on-campus and the off-campus employment process. As a co-curricular activity and an integral part of the total education experience, student employment should teach students essential skills such as punctuality, dependability and personal responsibility, provide opportunities for career exploration and resume building, networking, and should prepare students for lives of service, purpose and leadership. Please take a moment to explore resources on our Community website. For additional information, please visit our non-community website: https://www.pepperdine.edu/student-life/employment/

A student who participates in Student Employment programs should be able to:

  1. Essential Job Skills: Demonstrate essential job skills such as punctuality, dependability, and career responsibility
  2. Calling & Career Exploration and Development: Engage in opportunities for calling and career exploration, resume building, and experience related to possible career path.
  3. Life Balance & Time Management: Demonstrate improved time management and a life balanced between school, work, and social life.
  4. Campus & Community Engagement: Show a positive connection to a multicultural campus and community which results in positive feelings of involvement, connectedness to others, and positive retention rates.
  5. Engaged Citizenship: The recognition and fulfillment of responsibilities to self, community and society through engagement in life-long learning and utilization of one's knowledge and education to improve the well-being of others.


Meet the Student Employment Office Staff:


Shelby Headshot

Shelby White

Director of Student Employment

Phone: 310-506-4177

Email: shelby.white2@pepperdine.edu 



Kate Headshot

Kate Suriyatip

Senior Manager of Operations

Phone: 310-506-7532

Email: kate.suriyatip@pepperdine.edu



Lydia Headshot

Lydia Folkerts

Compliance Coordinator

Phone: 310-506-4177

Email: lydia.c.folkerts@pepperdine.edu



Tess Headshot

Tess Marmé

Associate Director

Phone: 310-506-6322

Email: tess.marme@pepperdine.edu



Davina Evans

Savanna Davenport

Jumpstart Coordinator

Email: savanna.davenport@pepperdine.edu 




Stacy Rouse

Davina Evans

Jumpstart Coordinator

Email: davina.evans@pepperdine.edu