Stauffer Chapel

Pepperdine University aspires to be an institution that nurtures the love of God with "heart, soul, strength, and mind," where the integration of faith and learning and a commitment to spiritual formation pervades all aspects of its institutional life, where spiritual commitments shape the lives of teachers, scholars, administrators, and staff, and especially, where Christian faith impacts the classrooms of all academic disciplines through research and pedagogy.

Phillips Theme Tower

Pepperdine welcomes people from a variety of religious backgrounds or no religious background, who are at dramatically different stages in their spiritual journeys. In keeping with Jesus' call to practice hospitality toward all people, we view Christian spiritual formation as an invitation to participate in a spiritual journey, within a welcoming community committed to treating each other with care and respect.

At the same time, given our identity and mission as a Christian university, and growing out of the commitment to spiritual formation expressed both in the Pepperdine University Strategic Plan and in George Pepperdine's original vision for the college, we envision Pepperdine University as a institution that provides opportunity, encouragement, and resources for all members of the Pepperdine community to engage the Christian understanding of spiritual growth.