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Career Services

Graduation March

The Office of Career Services is dedicated to supporting you with career guidance, resources and variety of services, including professional development workshops, individual career counseling, resume/cover letter review, mock interviews, and enhance alumni networking. This area of support also offers assistance in facilitating Policy Internships around the city, nation, and throughout the world enabling classroom instruction to be experienced in actual public policy opportunities.

Career Counseling

By Appointment

SPP students and alumni are welcome to make career counseling appointments with the Office of Career Services. To do so, email the Office of Career Services


Career Resources


Handshake is the premier career management tool for the School of Public Policy. Handshake is the tool in which students will find everything they need to know about jobs, fellowships, internship events, and job fairs. Handshake allows students to:
  • Submit resumes and cover letters for review and approval
  • Apply to jobs, internships, and fellowships
  • Register for events and job fairs
  • Check-in at events
  • Complete surveys to ensure student excellence

 SPP Job Board

Public Policy students and alumni can utilize the job board to search for jobs and open positions in the areas of public policy that are of interest to them. 


In this unique virtual community, Pepperdine alumni, faculty, staff, and parents have made themselves available to offer the exact resources you're looking for in one convenient location. Log in today to build professional, personal, and purposeful relationships with Pepperdine people all over the world.


 Mentor Collective

Students will be matched with an alumni or peer mentor based on common interests, background, academics and professional aspirations. To get started, students and mentors register and complete an online survey to assess personality and experience.