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Study Labs

Lab sessions are held several times a week by selected graduate assistants and review areas and topics examined by the core economics classes. Sessions are ideal for reviewing class material and improving skills in economic analysis. 

Lab sessions are free and all School of Public Policy students are encouraged to attend.

Spring 2024 Lab Schedule

Microeconomics Lab, Location: SPP 179 Graduate Assistant: Dominic Romani


12 PM - 2 PM


12 PM - 2 PM

Econometrics Lab, Location: SPP 185                                              Graduate Assistant: Abigail Tacker & Kathryn Fortenberry


1 PM - 3 PM


1 PM - 3 PM

Writing Lab, Location: SPP 183                 Graduate Assistant: Jasmine Campos


11 AM - 1:30 PM


12 PM - 2:30 PM

*Please bring written material and questions during scheduled lab hours. Written material can be in draft form. Assistance will include tips for macro-level editing, recommendations on developing coherent organization, and guidelines for improving writing and style.

FAQs for Fall Term Macroeconomics Lab or Math Camps

Q. Do I have to attend?
A. Yes. Attendance will be taken.

Q. But do I really have to attend? I'm taking Prof. Sexton's class, not Prof. Prieger's.
A. Yes. Regardless of which microeconomics class you take, you will need these mathematical tools for the core macroeconomics class next semester (at least).

Q. But do I really have to attend? I already know all this math.
A. It would still be good to come, if for no other reason to help your fellow students who are not as mathematically prepared as you are.