Campus Shuttle Routes


Covid -19 Transit Service Update

Due to this worldwide pandemic, we are scaling back our services. Please review our hours of
operations regularly as they are subject to change. We are working closely with Student Affairs, and Housing and Residence Life to assess the ever-changing needs.

We stay committed to our wonderful Pepperdine community. We are doing our part in helping you feel confident and safe when using our shuttles.

We have designated seats that are 6 ft apart, in order to respect the need for social distancing.
Max passengers allowed is 8. Hand sanitizer is available as you enter and exit our shuttles. A sign posted on the outside of the shuttle asking all passengers not to enter if they are experiencing
symptoms of respiratory illness including flu and cough. Our driving ambassadors are
cleaning/disinfecting our shuttles throughout the day, and before and after every shift.

The Blue Route (Extended) circles the campus clockwise and departs Main Campus every 20
minutes beginning at 7:28 A.M. from the Villa Executive Center.

The following is a typical timetable for each hour of the day. Monday - Friday (7:30 am - 7:00 pm)
Saturday & Sunday (8:30 am - 7:00 pm) Monday - Sunday (Shopping Shuttle at 3:00 pm)
The last shuttle departs Main Campus at 7:00 pm. With the last drop off spot being Upper Drescher Dorms

  Blue Route (Extended) (Clockwise)
Shuttle Stop                                                          Departure Times                  
Main Campus :00 :20 :40
Alumni Park :01 :21 :41
Firestone Fieldhouse :02 :22 :42

Seaside Residence 

:04 :23 :43
Rho / Lovernich (drop off only) Use the corner
of Benton Way or Towers for pick up
:04 :24 :44
Huntsinger / Benton Way :05 :25 ::45
Lower Drescher Dorms :06 :26 :46
Upper Drescher Dorms :07 :27 :47
Executive Center :08 :28 :48
Graziadio School of Business :09 :29 :49
Via De Casa :10 :30 :50
Chumesh Ridge :11 :31 :51
Benton Way / Catalina :12 :32 :52
Benton Way / Huntsinger :13 :33 53
Towers :14 :34 :54
Facilities / Mail / Print Services ;15 :35 :55
Caruso School of Law :16 :36 :56
Communications and Business :17 :37 :57

Revised Blue Route Schedule

Revised Shopping Shuttle


There are four main shuttle routes: Currently not in service due to LA County Covid- 19 Guidelines and Restrictions.

  1. Blue: runs clockwise, serves lower campus, stops every 15 minutes
  2. Orange: runs counter-clockwise, serves upper and lower campus, stops every 20 minutes
  3. Shopping Shuttle: takes students to local shopping centers including Whole Foods, Crosscreek, and Ralph's
  4. Library Route: an escort shuttle provided in the evening, transporting students from the library to the closest stop to their housing (10:00 PM-1:00 AM)