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Program Learning Outcomes

The Caruso School of Law’s Educational Goals for Its JD Program: Students who successfully complete the Law School’s JD program will share the following characteristics:

  • The ability to think like a lawyer
  • A basic proficiency in professional lawyering skills
  • An appreciation, understanding, and inculcation of the moral, ethical, and professional values and responsibilities of law-trained individuals

The effective integration of the apprenticeships of thinking, performing, and behaving (or thinking, doing, and being) will prepare students for productive careers as counselors, advocates, and judges; as business persons; as elected public servants, and as researchers, teachers, and philosophers of the law. 

The cognitive apprenticeship (CA)

# Outcomes
CA 1 Students will demonstrate knowledge and understanding of substantive law.
CA 2 Students will demonstrate proficiency in legal analysis and critical reasoning.

The professional lawyering skills apprenticeship (LS)

# Outcomes
LS 1 Students will demonstrate proficiency in legal research and in written and oral communication.
LS 2 Students will demonstrate professional lawyering skills.

The moral, ethical, and professional identity apprenticeship (ME)

# Outcomes
ME 1 Students will demonstrate knowledge and understanding of a lawyer’s moral, ethical, and professional responsibilities.
ME 2 Students will demonstrate awareness of their responsibility to society, including providing pro bono services.