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Information for Full-Time Students

Full-Time Students on the Malibu campus

Welcome to the Full-Time Programs Community homepage. We invite you to visit the various pages designed to assist with preparations to begin your graduate program and share important information that will help you during your academic journey with us. 

Important Dates for Students

Summer 2024 Term

Date Event
April 29 Classes begin*                         
May 27 Memorial Day Holiday (No classes)
June 19 Juneteenth Holiday (No classes)
July 4 Independence Day Holiday (No classes)
August 9 End of Summer Term
August 10 Commencement

Fall 2024 Term

Date Event
August 12                    New Student Orientation (Virtual) 
August 19-23 BSCI 650 Personal & Leadership Development Workshops (In-person) 
August 26 Classes begin*
September 2 Labor Day Holiday (No classes)
November 28-29  Thanksgiving Holiday (No classes)
December 6 End of Fall Term
December 23-31 Winter Break (University closed)
January 6 Spring 25 Term begins

*Click here for academic policies regarding add/drop deadlines for 7, 11, and 14 week courses

Add/Drop Policy

At the start of each academic term, a limited period is available for students to add or drop courses. For courses that meet throughout the full duration of the term, the drop/add window is designated as the first two weeks. For courses with a non-standard scheduling format (e.g., 7-week, weekend, hybrid modality), the add/drop period is proportionally adjusted. After the published start date, the addition of a course requires the consent of the instructor. Requests for course additions/drops must be communicated by the student in writing to the appropriate program office. Tuition refunds (if applicable) for dropped courses will be calculated based on the verified date of the student’s request. Students who drop all courses for a given academic term on or after the term start date are subject to a $150 withdrawal fee.

 Admissions Office

Email -

Phone Number - 310.506.5535

 Financial Aid Office

Email -

Phone Number - 310.506.5530 

 Office of International Student Services

Email -

Phone - 310.506.4246

 Registrar’s Office

Email -

Phone Number - 310.506.7999

 Student Accounts

Email -

Phone Number - 310.506.2307

 Student Health Center

Phone Number - 310.506.4316